Term Test Topics

Senior 1

-The clod and the pebble
-Love 3
-Games at Twilight
-Literary terms

Senior 2

-Love 3
-The clod and the pebble
-Games at Twilight

You are not allowed to bring your poems with but but you can bring Stories of Ourselves.

Senior 3

-all the poems we have seen

Texts are not allowed in the classroom!!

Senior 4

-All Blog tasks should be completed.

Senior 5

-writing narratives
-suspense and tension vocabulary
-natural disasters vocabulary
-all the poems we have seen
-the bath
-the prison
-the lady in the looking glass

Remember you are not allowed to use texts.

Make sure your blogs are complete: S1, S2, S3

Make sure blog tasks are complete: S4, S5

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