Literary Devices Review

Dear all,

This time, Ceci asked me to help you reviewing literary devices!!

I decided to make it fun for you!

Click on this link and follow the different steps:

-First read the terms and definitions

-Then follow these instructions: here the 5 things you should work on


Literary Term Review Sheet flashcards   Quizlet



After the review, download this file

Complete it and send it to me:



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One Response to Literary Devices Review

  1. Bruce Donald says:

    1. Symbol.
    2. Exposition.
    3. The main conflict.
    5. Man vs nature/ man vs society.
    6. Plot.
    7. Irony.
    8. Theme.
    9. Characterization.
    10. Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling action, Resolution.
    11. Magic Reality.
    12. Foreshadowing.
    13. Opposite of a round character.
    14. Changes over time.

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