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This is a video which summarises the story Link this activity to your blog. Create a post: Sanpiper Wach this presentation. Sandpiper from Pato Patito There are 4 worksheets with many questions. Answer the questions in your blog. Write a personal … Continue reading

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They Flee from me, that sometimes did me Seek

Watch this presentation analysing the poem Task 1 How does biographical knowledge of Sir Thomas Wyatt and King Henry VIII help you understand this poem? Be specific. What does the direct quote add to the poem’s meaning Explain how—according to … Continue reading

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A Mind Content

Belu and Fran gave an oral presentation about the poem “A Mind Content”. Some students illustrated the poem: Now, read these questions and answer these questions: -Do you have worries? Things that keep you awake at night? or Do you … Continue reading

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