Write a descriptive paragraph

Use your notes on devastated vocabulary to write a descriptive paragraph (200 words) based on one of these pics. (Don´t forget to write the pic number!)

Pic 1

Pic 2

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Pic 4

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  1. Milagros Zubizarreta, Maria Brito Peret and Virginia Loza says:

    On Febrary the 11th a catastrophic episode damaged the Virgin´s Islands. A tsunami crashed through, and eliminated everything that came in its way. The people that were there were like little ants scurrying around. But not for long, in just minutes everything was washed away, people, houses, buildings, cars, etc. Absolutely everything. The few people that hadn’t yet been prisoned by the water were either running, screaming or crying. It is surprising how much everything can change in just a matter of seconds. Minutes before this catastrophe families were together enjoying themselves and that had all been taken away and tearing a part the buildings. . The severe wind was blowing the few thing left standing back and forth. Everything else that had been torn by the huge wave was floating in the water. The remaning water with piece of tje city that had been destroyed was everything but still. The water kept on rushing, breaking and scaterring all the remains.
    Many people were swallowed by the sea and disappeared, others die. This social meltdown will not be easy to reconstruct. However , international organization such as UNICEF are working with the government and helping people to find their families and a place to live.

  2. Agustin Campion, Pancho Ripoll and Pablo Piñero Pacheco says:

    Picture 6.

    In this image we can see cars, buildings and other things being swept away by the gigantic wave in the right side of the picture. We can also tell that a seismic disturbance occurred and due to the intensity of it, a huge tsunami developed. The abandoned cars and the lack of people in the image show that a swifter evacuation have taken place. The devastation after this picture was taken is imminent, since the wave is swallowing up everything at its path. This event not only caused a massacre and a terrible loss to the people of Japan, but it was the aftershock of people what damaged the society the most. Not to mention, the time consuming and money that will cost to the country to remove the debris and to construct routs, buildings, streets, and the electricity system. After this incident almost nothing can be recovered. The huge wave is very powerful and the citizens of japan can’t do nothing to prevent what it was a catastrophe.

  3. sofi teran, majo tear , sebas borda y fran okecki says:

    pic 4
    As a consequence of an earthquake the city of Mungambo`o has been struck by a devastating tsunami. This massive wave swept away almost the entire city, devouring it and burring it under meters of water and causing hundreds of casualties. And giving birth to what it was a lethal fire that destroyed the remaining’s of the houses after the tsunami. The citizens were desperate and frightened by this as their lives were in danger. Families were destroyed, children were now orphans. The citizens were devastated with no home where to protect themselves. The survivors had no hope left. Their houses were flooded by water and smashed by debris. After the first tsunami slammed the city, the few remaining survivors were evacuated because of the fear of a second gigantic wave penetrating the city.. However, time wasn´t on their side, as when they were evacuating a nuclear station exploded realizing lethal radiation. Days after the worst part was far behind the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness took over the place. The city was now immersed in a hole which seemed that had no way .This is how Mungambo`o collapsed, living few to none survivors.

  4. Juan Cruz, Nacho, Justo says:

    Massive Tsunami Knocks Down Concepcion, Chile.
    (Picture 6)
    The aftermath was clear, the tsunami washed out the entire city of Concepcion, in Chile. Streets were flooded and boat wreckages were spread all over the city, as well as chaos. There was a dire need for assistance due to the fact that a huge blaze was expelled from gas tube setting on fire the upper parts of the municipality, which were not flooded. Refugees were taken to safe houses around Concepcion and in nearby towns. This flood was caused by raging rainwater in the surrounds of this area. Chiles’ authorities declared the situation in Concepcion a state of emergency. Several units of help from different nations have arrived to the country containing salvage items, including a purifier of water, first aid kits, blankets, food. Houses were dragged by the immense power of water, the economic losses are incalculable as well as the value of people who died or have disappeared. The landscape changed drastically as green seeded fields turned into blue lagoons and streets in the lower parts of the city become rivers in a matter of time. People who lived in these streets lost their houses, which floated with the stream, breaking into pieces, spreading throughout the flood.

  5. Mili Alezzandrini, Delfi Subira, Belu irazusta and Agus Buljevich says:

    Massive sea surges triggered by an earthquake under the Ocean have killed over 15,000 people, the earthquake under the sea generated huge waves swallowing up villages and it was the biggest tsunami the world has seen. The unstoppable walls of water fanned out across the Ocean at high speed and slammed into coastal areas with little or no warning, leaving behind permanent changes to the geography due to the widespread destruction. Officials have all reported shocking casualties, however there were various plans of evacuation and many locals acted as rescuers; death tolls in the thousands and the figures are expected to rise sharply over the next few days. Unfortunately there were little survivors due to the poor emergency assistance in the island. The land was devastated, many have been made homeless. Harrowing stories from the disaster zone are beginning to emerge .Health experts now fear that many more could die as diseases like typhoid, cholera and malaria spread rapidly. The tsunami that struck the island showed once again the force of Mother Nature is unstoppable, and how important is to work on environmental issues across the world.

  6. Emilia Molmenti, Antonia Flores Piran and Belen Gay says:

    Pic 6
    In the extraordinary island of Filipinas there has been a massive undersea earthquake. The humanitarian assistance team took care of the victims the minute they realized about the situation. The unstoppable walls of water made a catastrophic devastation on the whole island. Not only the streets were flooded but also tunnels and houses. This environmental impact gave dramatic consequences. Children were left behind by their parents when everything was out of control. The victims are in bad shape, conditions and state of mind. they had passed a really hard experience and the recover of the population will take a lot of time. Especially because they will have a constant reminder as they lost their homes and the reparations will be extremely expensive. The government is under a lot of pressure and is trying to do its best, however the state of Filipinas is running out of money and is finding it very difficult to repair the ruined city.

  7. Federico Tear, Nicolas Araya, Joaquin Olaizola says:

    Pic 4:

    The damage, destruction and grief that the rampaging fire provoked, still remains in the town half lost. This tragedy began Sunday morning, due to some kids lighting a cigarette in a gas station. Unfortunately their lives were lost, as so many more during that day that lasted forever. Rescuers managed to find every missing body and helped the people in need of assistance. Refugees were kept in a shopping mall where they were fed and taken care of. Thousands were displaced from their homes because of the fire that was quickly expanding. Many families went into their shelters but then realized it was not a good idea. The streets were full of debris and homeless people now living in tents, hoping and praying for a quick recovery .The catastrophe left dozens of casualties and several hundred injured, and darkness and mourn reign in the humble town. The authorities have claimed that the homeless will be compensated but in the meantime will sleep in public buildings like hospitals and schools. However, most of this people lost their entire life`s effort and will never recover from this tragedy, that is while this day will be remembered as the day the dreams disappeared.

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