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Sonnet 73

Joaco O, Anto and Piki dealt with William Shakespeare`s sonnet 73. In Senior 4, Juli Molmenti prepared this: Sonnet 73 Delfi urso prepared this piktochart: Sonnet 73 -Do you agree with her? Analyse this and leave a comment. Subject, the … Continue reading

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Tips for essay writing for AS

General tips for writing. Use the ‘Big 5’ as an organizing principle for the textual analysis. This will give the students focus, starting from the bigger contextual picture to a more detailed analysis of literary features. Be careful however that … Continue reading

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Literary Devices Review

Dear all, This time, Ceci asked me to help you reviewing literary devices!! I decided to make it fun for you! Click on this link and follow the different steps: -First read the terms and definitions -Then follow these instructions: here … Continue reading

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The Clod and The pebble

Senior 1 has already worked on this poem and has prepared some visual  presentations for you. Take a look at them (choose between 4-6) and leave a contructive comment: -what is good about it? -How well does it help you to … Continue reading

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what is postcolonial literature?

Read these two texts and make a summary to publish in your blog. This theory will help us understand many stories and poems. What is postcolonial Literature? Postcolonialism

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This is a video which summarises the story Link this activity to your blog. Create a post: Sanpiper Wach this presentation. Sandpiper from Pato Patito There are 4 worksheets with many questions. Answer the questions in your blog. Write a personal … Continue reading

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They Flee from me, that sometimes did me Seek

Watch this presentation analysing the poem Task 1 How does biographical knowledge of Sir Thomas Wyatt and King Henry VIII help you understand this poem? Be specific. What does the direct quote add to the poem’s meaning Explain how—according to … Continue reading

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A Mind Content

Belu and Fran gave an oral presentation about the poem “A Mind Content”. Some students illustrated the poem: Now, read these questions and answer these questions: -Do you have worries? Things that keep you awake at night? or Do you … Continue reading

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Write a descriptive paragraph

Use your notes on devastated vocabulary to write a descriptive paragraph (200 words) based on one of these pics. (Don´t forget to write the pic number!) Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6  

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Renaissance Literature

Ceci told me you are starting to work on Renaissance poetry so our activity this week will focus on characteristic of that Literature movement and historical period. Read about this interesting period: Characteristics Renaissance and Elizabeth I Take notes about:  … Continue reading

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“Love” by George Herbert

After reading “The Clod and The Pebble” by William Blake, we are going to work on another poem about love which is called “Love III” by George Herbert. This poem can be read in a literal or metaphorical level. Pre … Continue reading

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April marks

Dear all, This is what I will take into account for your first marks in April. SENIOR 1 Poem “Mirror” (activity in your blog) Poem “The Clod and The Pebble” (blog work, prezi and collaborative essay, which we are doing … Continue reading

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