Dear students,

Here the list of groups, poems and presentation dates.

Read carefully so you know exactly what to do.

Poem analysis: take this into account:

-Setting, time and place of the poem. Try to understand the context that encouraged the poem to be written. (investigate the writer and the historical period, literature movement)

-Speaker. What can you say about the voice speaking in the poem?

-Audience. To whom is the poem written?

-Identify the theme and tone. (Subject, the general topic. Content and ideas in the poem.)

-Purpose. What is the reason behind the writing of the poem?

-Language used, vocabulary field, literary devices used.


use prezi or ppt

-if you find another poem by the writer or another writer which is connected to yours, add it to your work.

– add a song which shares the theme with the poem.

-Prepare an exercise for your classmates to do in class. (a worksheet or an activity to use the cell phone)

Send your analysis to me: one week before the presentation.

Group Poem Due date
Mili Alezzandrini

Juani López Vargas

Mili Zubizarreta

A Song

Thomas Carew

April 14
Joaco Olaizola

Anto F. Pirán

Piki Loza

Sonnet 73

By W. Shakespeare

May 5
Majo Tear

Agustín Campion

Juan Cruz G. Roca

Sonnet 75

By Edmund Spencer

June 9
Sebas Borda

Mili Brasco

Belén Gay

Sonnet 18

By W. Shakespeare

May 5
Joaco D. Walker

Paka Müller

Delfi Subirá

Song, Spring The Sweet Spring

By Thomas Nashe

June 12
Agus Buljevich

Pancho Ripoll

Nico Araya

Sonnet 11

Lady Mary Wroth

May 19
Pablo P. Pacheco

Sofi Terán

Ignacio Rela

The Procession of the Seasons

By Edmud Spencer

June 9
Fran Okecki

Emi Molmenti

Belu Irazusta

A Mind Content

By Robert Greene

April 21
Fede Tear

Mary B. peret

Justo F. Vidal

Sonnet 19

Lady Mary Wroth

May 19




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