Games at Twilight

In the following classes, we´ll work on the story we have just read.

After the analysis we did together, it is time you set down to work on your own.

This activity will take 3 classes. If you don´t finish, you´ll have to finish for homework.

 The Story




Internal conflict vs External conflict

The conflict in a short story is a struggle between two forces.

  1. In an external conflict, a character struggles against an outside force, such as an element of nature or another character.
  • person versus person
  • person versus nature
  • person versus society
  1. In an internal conflict, a character struggles with his or her own opposing desires, beliefs, or needs.
  • person versus himself

Answer the following questions over the story using infographics.

Infographic: Piktochart Publish the infographics in your blogs.

  1. Describe the external conflicts in the story. Explain the internal conflict in the story.
  2. Initially, why does Ravi enter the shed in the story?
  3. Describe some moments of suspense in the story. How is the suspense created?
  4. What are the moments of suspense that are created in the shed for Ravi?
  5. Are Ravi’s conflicts settled at the end of the story?
  6. Account for The forgotten furniture in the shed. How can the forgotten furniture be associated to Ravi?
  7. There is an instance of foreshadowing in the story. Can you identify it?
  8. How does Ravi behave when he reveals himself to his family?
  9. How does his family respond to his behavior?
  10. What realization does Ravi come to at the end of the story?

In pairs, write an essay. Choose one of the following questions. Use a drive and share it with me.

  1. Discuss the theme of childhood as presented in “Games at Twilight” by Anita Desai.
  2. Games at Twilight by Anita Desai is a short story about a young boy’s despair generated from a realization of his insignificance. Do you agree?

Publish the final version (after my correction) in your blog.

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