Welcome Senior 4!!

Hi everyone!!

I´m so happy all of you have passed the IGCSE examination!!!

Let´s get motivated to start working towards AS Language and Literature!

Don´t panic! We´ll be working together, you, Ceci and me. This year, I will be your Blog teacher since we will be having 1 on-line (virtual) period a week.

The work in the blog is compulsory and graded so take it seriously. Ceci will be in class with you guiding you through poetry and prose and helping you to write more academic essays!!

Now, read this phrase. It is very short but full of meaning.

-What does the phrase mean to you? (Don´t answer this question in the blog, just think about it)

-Think of an example and leave a comment.

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15 Responses to Welcome Senior 4!!

  1. Juan Landolfo says:

    I like the planners not only , by the way, methapors are used, but also because it shows us a reality that we cant see.

  2. Clara Burgio says:

    I think literature is very influenced by language, since writers have to constantly find the right and suitable words to create an effect on the reader, and this can only be done by having a certain knowledge in vocabulary.
    Pied Beauty is a clear example of this, since the writer transmits an effect by the use of an extensive vocabulary.

  3. Guillermina says:

    I like sonnet 18, i reade it in my old school, and i love the analisis and the literary devises the writee uses.

  4. Juana otaño says:

    I think sonnet 18 is great because of the combination of the literary devices and the way the writer uses language to call the readers attention. Is a great example in my opinion

  5. Lucia Paz says:

    I like Sonnet 18. This sonnet is full of literary devices such as images and metaphors. Furthermore language on its and its complex vocabulary makes it really intresting. It is written in old English, but anyway, it has many contradictions.

  6. nicolas pourteau says:

    I like sandpiper because descriptive language is use on an accurate way

  7. diego goldaracena says:

    In my opinion, Sonnet 18 is a great example of this phrase because literary devices and the language used make the poem much more interesting.

  8. Julia Molementi says:

    For me, the poem “cockroach” is a clear example. Language is used to create an image for the reader. The poem has language connected to movement, which is helps to picture the image of the cockroach. Also, what’s interesting about the use of language in the poem is that, even if it simple, it is a whole metaphor to the human stages in life. The poem chooses these language connected to movements to compare them to the human actions and difficulties, while living the three stages of life.

  9. Candela Zufriategui says:

    In my opinion, the poem “composed upon westminster bridge” is an example of how language can be used to create an effect, through literature. The poem has hyperbolic language, personification, and imagery. Another reason, is the paradox present in the poem, “touching in its majesty”, the speaker is talking about the view, but the phrase is a contradiction in terms. The poet describes the inexplicable, the feeling of familiarity and distance all at once, only with a simple language combination.

  10. Pat says:

    I love sonnet 18, too!!
    Remember when we studied it in Junior 7??? So long ago?
    If you liked it when you were 12, now that you are more mature and that you can get to understand poems in a different level, you´ll enjoy it much more!!

  11. Delfina Urso says:

    I like the Sonnet 18 because of it’s use of literary Devices, language, it’s complexity and the fact that it’s written in old English.

  12. Tadeo Helou says:

    I liked Pied Beauty because of its variety of adjectives and language used. Also because of the poem’s structure.

  13. Abril lopez says:

    For me, language is very important in literature because sometimes the authors intentionally use vocabulary or language not in the common way to call our atention, and show us something with words, which are the keyfact and what makes literature interesting. For me sonnet 18 is a very good example because as the language did not hacve many sense and it had contradicitons and it was in old english it was interesting

  14. Victoria Gonzalez says:

    I like “Continum” because language is used in an unconventional way.

  15. I think sonnet 18 is an example. Because, I found vocabulary and that language is working on it.

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