Welcome Senior 3!!!

Hello everyone!

How are you getting ready for the IGCSE examination????

This year, we´ll be together studying Literature 2 periods a week and we are going to work really hard. Don´t panic! We are together in this and everybody will rock at the exam!!

You are already used to working with blogs so I would like to to have a category for Literature, a subcategory for Writing tips and another subcategory for Exam preparation.

Exams, blog assignments, paper assignments and any other kind of homework will be posted in the class Calendar. (if I forget….remind me!!)

Last year, the focus was on poetry and prose. This year, we´ll be reading more poems and stories but also, a drama play, which is awesome!!! (Trust me)

I am also ready to learn from your comments and opinions so don´t be shy and participate in class!!

Now, this is the play we are going to read: All My Sons




-What do these diferent book covers tell you abou the pplay we are reading?

Historical Background Follow this link, read and leave comment saying something else you know, from your history lessons about this period in US history.

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3 Responses to Welcome Senior 3!!!

  1. Luna says:

    From the posters of the play I could say that the book will be dealing with people during the war and the depression, which was near this dates, and how these things crashed with them, how these people handled it.
    This period in the US History was the Great Depression, which is right after the Wall Street Crash and which leads to hyperinflation and to other issues too. One fact I remember from the History book was that as hyperinflation was so high, workers had to carry their wages in carts since the latter was a lot of cash.

  2. delfinamiyuranga says:

    I think that the play is going to be about how peopled lived and survived during war and the after war impact on the society. On History, we studied the boom and then the depression, and we also focused a lot in the society and how it affected them, especially the wall street crash or the depression, how lots of people were unemployeed or needed money.

  3. Lucila Giambruni says:

    I think that the play we will be reading is about how people lived during war times or after because of the planes in the covers, how hard was life for the people, to recover from great losses.
    We´ve studied in History about the Great Depression and the poverty people went through and I Imagine how badly people suffered and dreamed of having money or even having a maid.

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