Make-up activity for the exam

B. Answer the following questions based on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


1. What is the meaning of “bashful”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?

2. What is the meaning of “disgruntle”? Who behaves in that way? Why? When?

3. What is the meaning of “sardonic”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?

4. What is the meaning of “obnoxious”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?

5. What is the meaning of “taken aback”? Who is taken aback in the play? Why? When?

6. What is the meaning of “startle”? Who startles whom and who is startled? Why? When?

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  1. Malena Di Bella says:

    1) Bashful: to be shy, easily embarrassed. Honey is shy, especially in the first part of the play before she drunk alcohol. Martha is constantly discriminating her look and she does not do anything about it, she just stays quiet.
    2) Disgruntle: to make discontent. George is disgruntling towards Nick because he does not support his values and lifestyle George always finds a chance to patronize Nick and critisize him.
    3) Sardonic: mocking, sneering, cynical. George is a sardonic character since he is always mocking other characters. He feels superior and therefore, he has the power to insult others.
    4) Obnoxious: odious, annoying. I think all the characters are a little bit obnoxious at certain points. For example Martha who, at the beginning of the play, mocks and overcomes George with her boisterous personality. She dominates George in an annoying way.
    5) Taken aback: to be surprised or confused by something shocking. Honey would be taken aback because since she is so plain, she does not expect anything from anybody. She is just surprised of whats going on around her.
    6) Startle: to disturb or agitate suddenly as by surprise or alarm. George startles everybody with his sort of physical, psychological and linguistic violence.

  2. Diogenes Dietrich says:

    1) Bashful: Often feeling uncomfortable with other people and easily embarrassed; shy.
    Honey is a bashful character because she has a weak personality, particularly when she gets drunk.

    2) Disgruntle: To put into a state of sulky dissatisfaction.
    George is very good at disgruntling people, especially Martha. For instance, he disgruntles her when he forces her to play the “Bringing Up Baby” game.

    3) Sardonic: Characterized by irony, mockery or derision.
    George is a sardonic character, mainly when he mocks Nick with several annoying nicknames.

    4) Obnoxious: Highly objectionable or offensive; odious; annoying.
    Martha is an obnoxious individual, considering that she reveals some of George’s failures, something that annoys him a lot. Also, George is obnoxious when he plays games that exasperate and annoy Martha.

    5) Taken aback: To be confused or surprised by something unexpected.
    Honey is taken aback when she finds out that Nick told George the story of the hysterical pregnancy, and when she discovers that George and Martha’s father does not exist.

    6) Startle: To alarm, frighten or surprise suddenly.
    George startles Nick and Honey when he shoots his wife with the toy shotgun.

  3. Joaquin Gonzalez Narvarte says:

    1)Bashful: A shy or coy person. Honey behaves this way when George starts telling the story of why Nick was with her
    2)Disgruntle: A dissatisfied or grumpy person. Martha behaves like this when George put himself as the controler of the situation leaving her aside
    3)Sardonic: To mock someone or talk about something you don’t know completely. George does this when he talks about Nick’s job or the life of Nick and Honey
    4)Obnoxious: An offensive person. Martha and George behave like this during the whole play because of their competition of whom is the leader of the house.
    5)Taken aback: To be surprised, astonished. Honey feels like that when she heard the story of why Nick married her.
    6)Startle: To surprise or alert someone. Both Martha and George are starled when each one of them tells their personal story about their fictional son.

  4. Anonymous says:

    1. What is the meaning of “bashful”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?
    Shy, self-conscious, and awkward in the presence of others. Honey, all along the play. She is insecure and shy and feels very bad when people talk about her.

    2. What is the meaning of “disgruntle”? Who behaves in that way? Why? When?
    To make discontented.
    Martha and sometimes George, because they are always commenting things to put in an unconfortable situation to the others and between them.

    3. What is the meaning of “sardonic”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?
    Scornfully or cynically mocking.
    George when he competes with Nick because of their professions.

    4. What is the meaning of “obnoxious”? Which character in the play conveys that feature? Why? When?
    Very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious. Extremly unpleasant.
    Martha is definitely the one for this adjective. She is very unpleasant with her comments and agressive way of being.

    5. What is the meaning of “taken aback”? Who is taken aback in the play? Why? When?
    Cliché surprised and confused.
    I really dont remember!!!

    6. What is the meaning of “startle”? Who startles whom and who is startled? Why? When?
    To frighten someone very badly.
    Mainly George does this with Martha specially at the end of the play, when they talk about the son.

  5. Amalia Seré says:

    1) Bashful means shy; easily embarrassed in social situations. Throughout the play we characterized Honey as a reserved woman, who seems shy and plain. She is in most of the play acting timid.
    2) Disgruntled means unhappy, annoyed, and disappointed about something. In my opinion Martha would portray this personality since she seems upset at the end of the play when the reality of the son’s illusion is revealed by George.
    3) Sardonic means showing little respect in a humorous but unkind way, often because you think that you are too important to consider or discuss a matter. George feels that he is better than the other when he talks about history and other topics which make the others to feel lost about the conversation. Sometimes, Nick also takes this personality and shows his knowledge is some aspects which create the same feeling to the rest.
    4) Obnoxious means very unpleasant or rude. In this play I would say that George is obnoxious not just in a verbal way, but also in a physical one towards Martha. However, both are obnoxious to each other and with their guests too.
    5) To be taken aback means to be confused or surprised by something unexpected. In my opinion, Nick and Honey were taken aback when George makes the joke with the gun. They probably knew that George wouldn’t shoot Martha, but they do not expect that kind of jokes.
    6) Startle means to do something unexpected that surprises and sometimes worries a person or animal. In this play, an example would be when Martha tells Honey something about a son, this startled George, since she wasn’t supposed to talk about their son.

  6. Martina Mendiondo says:

    1)Bashful means to be shy. A character that conveys this characteristic is Honey due to the fact that she seems unconfortable arround the other charactes of the play and that she speacks verry little.
    2)Disgruntel means annoyed or disappointed and also to make people sulky or discontent. Martha and George protray this during the hole play for example at the end of the play when george reveles the real story of the baby.
    3)Sardonic means to be arrogan and to feel you are more important than another person, george is the perfect example for this when he makes nick to feel infirior spesially over his carreer.
    4)Obnoxious means to try to uppset people and annoy them. Martha is has this characteristic thoroughout the whole as she makes unconfortable comments to annoy the other persons.
    5)To take aback means to be surprise and in a way shoked by something they tell you or do. Nick and Honey are a clear example of this due to the fact that they are impresed by the way in which george acts.
    6)Startle means to frighten someone all of a sudden, in the play george is startled by martha when she tells the story abuot thier son.

  7. Milagros Mosquera says:

    1) Bashful: reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy. Honey would be a bashful character, since she hardly participates in the story through out the play. She giggles during moments of tension and violence as every shy person would do in front of a situation that represents a challenge for their personality.
    2) Disgruntle: angry or dissatisfied. Martha, Nick and George act in this way all along the play. We get to see hole scenes of anger where they fight between each other, full of violence and agression.
    3) Sardonic: a feeling of superiority. George is a sardonic person when he talks to Nick about their careers and he underestimates Nicks knowledge.
    4) Obnoxious: extremely unpleasant. The four characters feel extremly unpleasant throughout the play, there is always tension, violence and agression.
    5) Taken aback: surprised and desconcerted. Martha was taken aback at the end of the story, when they get honest with George about their relationship and she expects a mature reaction from him but instead she realizes this is the end, when she wasnt expecting it.
    6) Startle: cause to feel sudden shock or alarm. Nick could be caracterized by this feeling when he realizes he was used the whole night by a couple who only goal was to play games with third persons in their relationship.

  8. Anonymous says:

    1) bashful: easily embarrassed; shy; timid. During the play Honey seems very shy and uncomfortable, when she has to deal with any situation she just stay quiet or runs away.
    2) disgruntle: someone feels dissatisfaction; make discontent. Martha is disgruntle when she fights George and he revels the truth about their son.
    3) sardonic: feeling superior because someone has a different opinion about something or someone. George is sardonic when talks about things like history or something he pretends he know really well.
    4) obnoxious: highly objectionable or offensive; odious: obnoxious behavior. Martha and George are obnoxious to each other during all the play.
    5) taken aback: when something unexpecter happens, to be surprised. His can be Nick when George is really rude to Nick and Martha and tells them he wants to play a new game and makes fun of Nick.
    6) startle: to disturb or agitate suddenly as by surprise or alarm. Honey, when George enters with a toy gun which seems to be real.

  9. Ignacio Salaverri says:

    Bashful: To be bashful is to be shy. Honey conveys this feature during most of the play but especially when they arrive to Martha and George`s house and when she gets drunk.

    Disgruntle: To disgruntle someone is to make him or her discontent. George disgruntles everybody, especially Nick and Martha throughout the play, making them feel uncomfortable and especially Nick while telling his story with Honey.

    Sardonic: To be sardonic means to be arrogant or feel superior to other people. George conveys this feature throughout the play, especially when talking with Nick about their personal success and the competition they start between Biology and History.

    Obnoxious: Being obnoxious is to be annoying by making others have an unpleasant moment. Martha is a very obnoxious character as she is constantly annoying George especially, by being ironic and making ugly comments about their relationship and George`s person. She does this clearly on purpose just to make people feel uncomfortable.

    Taken aback: To be taken aback is to feel surprised and confused. Nick and Honey are constantly taken aback by George and Martha`s relationship, as well as by George`s manners and how rude he is.

    Startle: To startle is to frighten someone badly. George startles Nick and Honey when he shoots Martha with his fake shotgun and Honey is startled the most as she saw George coming with the weapon and did not know it was fake.

  10. Gitika Anil Manwani says:

    1) Bashful means easily embarrassed in social situations (shy). This would be Honey, who throughout the play hardly speaks and doesn’t seem to be comfortable around the other characters. Also, Honey would be bashful because when George narrates the second story, instead of fighting with Nick and George, she runs away embarrassed.
    2)Disgruntled means annoyed or disappointed, especially because things have not happened in the way that you wanted. Martha is disgruntled because of George at the end of the play because he insists and makes Martha play the last game, and he kills their fictional “son”.
    3) Sardonic means showing that you do not have a good opinion of someone or something, and feel that you are better than them. This would be George, specially when he talks about the chromosome business and she doesn’t know what chromosome are; or when martha uses the word ABSTRUSE instead of ABSTRACT. Also, when he speaks about history and makes everybody feel at a loss, or speaks in latin.
    4) Obnoxious means to be very offensive, unpleasant, or rude. This could be Martha and George as they are very rude to their guests; unpleasant guests for sure. Also, Martha and George are obnoxious to each other throughout the play.
    5) To be taken aback means to be confused or surprised by something unexpected. This is definitely Honey when she hears George’s second story.
    6) To startle means to make someone suddenly surprised or slightly shocked. George was startled by Martha as she speaks about their son with Nick and Honey. Also, Martha is startled as she hears about their fictional son being dead. Furthermore, Honey is startled when George appears with a gun that was for kids, but seemed quite real.

  11. Tomas Posse says:

    1)Someone bashful is someone nervous or uncomfortable in social situations : afraid to talk to people because of a lack of confidence. Honey is the perfect example of a bashful person, as seen in the play.

    2)Disgruntle: To disgruntle people is to make ill-humour or discontent a person. to verbally abuse someone. Martha disgruntle´s George, and vice-versa.

    3)Sardonic: Bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering: a sardonic grin. George conveys this feature all along the the play

    4)Obnoxious: to be annoying, to make people that surround you unpleasant. Martha is an obnoxious person.

    5)Taken aback: To be surprised, flabbergasted. When George “kills”(tell everybody that he is dead) his son, Honney is taken aback.

    6)Startle: to frighten someone. Nick and Honney are startled when George fire´s his shotgun towards Martha.

    • cecilialasa says:

      Bashful= shy

      2), 3), 4) should narrow down the context.”George conveys this feature all along the the play” does not show you understand how the word should be used.

      5) and 6) are very good

  12. Valentin Tear says:

    1) Bashful: Someone that is shy or akward in the presence of others. The cahracters that conveys this feature would be Honey, as she is not the smartest person there, and she does not like when they are talking about her.

    2)Disgruntle: When you are dicontented or dissatisfied. Nick behaves like this when his is being mocked by George.

    3)Sardonic: Being funny or mocking. George behaves in this way when he bothers Nick with all his name-calling and jokes.

    4)Obnoxious: Being annoying. George conveys this feature, as he is always trying to bother the rest, including his wife.

    5)Taken aback: When surprised. Both Honey and Nick are taken aback when they discover Martha and George’s son does not exist.

    6)Startle: When you fright someone very badly. Nick and Honey are startle when George tells them he was recentrly told his son had died.

    • cecilialasa says:

      Well done, Valentín.
      Careful with spelling and the way you make use of words. For example, “disgruntle” is a verb; so “when you are discontented or disatisfied” refers actually to “disgruntleD”. There are some grammar mistakes and some meanings we’ll talk about in class or during the tutorials.

  13. 1. To be bashful means to be shy, or self-conscious in a special awkward way. HONEY conveys this feature throughout the play, but mostly when she gets drunk and very clumsy.
    2. To disgruntle people is to unease them; to make them sulky or discontent. It’s like drive someone crazy metaphorically. GEORGE disgruntles everyone through the play, he likes putting everybody in the most awkward situation, but the specially makes NICK discontent while inquiring about his past and his real intentions.
    3. Being sardonic means to be arrogant or when someone feels above others, this is achieved by ironic and mockery attitude. GEORGE conveys this feature through the play, especially with NICK, as he might feel overwhelmed by NICK’s success.
    4. Obnoxious means being annoying by making others feels unpleasant. MARTHA is the most obnoxious character there is; she constantly makes ironic and bad comments during conversation to annoy everyone. These comments, however, are intended to be that way; MARTHA wants to be obnoxious as to make everyone feel uncomfortable.
    5. Taken aback means to feels surprised and confused, especially when someone tells you something unexpected. NICK and HONEY are taken aback by GEORGE’s atrocious bad manners, mainly when he decides to play one last game at the end of the play.
    6. To startle is to frighten someone very badly, especially when your senses are jeopardized. GEORGE startles the guests when he “shoots” MARTHA with his fake shotgun. HONEY is the one who gets startled the most as she saw GEORGE approaching with his gun, but didn’t know it was fake.

    • cecilialasa says:

      Good job, Juan! The examples and the context provided show you clearly understand the meaning of the words above.

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