Your impression on Queen Elizabeth’s poem

Dear Majo and Fede, as we agreed on last class, below comment on what you understand when reading “when I was Fair and Young”. For that, ask your mates for notes.

If you need any help, let me know.



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  1. Majo Tear says:

    My understanding of the poem is that Queen elizabeth is showing her sadness and sorrow of her realizing that her opportunities to find her true love and husband are past, and now she has no other opportunities like she had when she was “fair and young”. Her wisdom makes her realize how many boys she could have been the mistress of, but all she answered at that time was “go, go, go, seek some other where, importune me no more”. So later in her life when she is not young anymore, when she is not beautiful anymore she realizes how if she had another chance she would have said yes. this poem shows how Queen Elizabeth thinks that being young equals beauty and when you are old you dont posses that beauty anymore.

  2. Federico Tear says:

    “when I was Fair and Young” – Poem by Queen Elizabeth

    The main theme of the poem written by Queen Elizabeth of England is that beauty is only achieved when young. Queen Elizabeth looks back on her life and remembers when she was “fair and young” and “graced” with beauty. Therefore, she was given a lot of attention and many men tried to conquer her love. However, she met their interest with pride and rejected them by saying “Go, go, go, seek some other where, importune me no more”. The word “Importune” demonstrates the pride of the speaker, as it means that she is being bothered by these men. After this, Elizabeth realizes her mistake, but also realizes that it’s too late. The message of the poem clearly states that beauty should not lead to pride, as it is only temporary. Beauty is only had when young and will fade away inevitably.

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