Senior 5


Plan de Trabajo


Term 1  

1. Write the short opening chapter of a novel called The Enemy Within. In your writing create a sense of danger and tension.

2. Comment closely on A Shiver, discussing ways in which Heaney presents physical action.

3. ‘Miss Quested had renounced her own people.’
How far and in what ways does Forster create sympathy for Adela Quested?

Term 2  

1. Write a story called White Lies in which you reveal the real reasons for your behaviour at an event in the past.

2. Discuss Heaney’s presentation and use of individual characters in his poetry, making
detailed reference to two poems


1. Write a descriptive piece called The Honeymoon. In your writing create a sense of setting and atmosphere. Use vocabulary related to travelling.

2. ‘Being the best is not necessarily as important as it is made out to be.’ Do you agree? You should give detailed reasons in your answer.

3. Discuss ways in which Albee shows the importance of the influence of ‘Daddy’ on
Martha’s and George’s relationship.


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