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Writing through Fog

Lonely Planet 

Useful expressions to use in your writings

Think about your UK trip and write an anecdote using the vocabulary recently worked on.

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  1. Serena Griffin says:

    One day we were travelling through the breathtaking and unexpected Scotland by bus visiting mirror like lakes and ancient castles. The majestic mountains covered by a green blanket were everywhere, we were amazed for the beauty and the purity of the air. After a few hours of just contemplating the marvelous landscape we arrived to the Wlliam Wallace monument. The sky was bright blue and in the next second the thick grey clouds were covering my view calling for the rain, we were a constant witness of the UK’s moody weather. Our walk to the top of the monument began and soon we realized it was harder than what we had thought it would be. We were almost climbing the steep slope, but it was worth it as we were surrounded by nature, the spruce trees , the soft moisten earth under our feet and the clear air our lungs were breathing relaxed us. Soon me reached the top and we stayed out of breath staring what was in front of us. We could see the top of trees, the birds flying. the small houses far away and it seemed it was our lucky day as the sky soon cleared and the landscape was even more amazing. Just the thought that great wars were fought there gave us chills down the spine.

  2. Micaela Cardalda says:

    My experience in Edinburgh was irreplaceable. Before this trip, I was only looking forward to get to know London, so my expectations for Edinburgh were really low, or nearly non existent. This incredible city of Scotland ended up surprising me, and I went back to Buenos Aires fascinated by this place. The city is divided into two parts, the new part and the old one. I was surprised by how history and modernity could coexist with such easiness in Edinburgh, an ancient and majestic castle was just in front of the top stores to shop. One of my favourite parts of this whole trips was a mini tour in a kind of cart, while the man driving it gave us a brief but exciting explanation of the most important turist points of the city. I absolutely adored how old and new edifications mixed, and gave to Edinburgh both a gothic and modern style, a very vanguardist place to live!

  3. Micaela Cardalda says:

    Travelling vocabulary
    • wild outdoors
    • naturally beautiful countries
    • sights tourists hit up
    • awesome culinary delights and historical sites
    • dodging scooters, eating street food
    • lush countryside and sleepy village
    • tantalizing fragrances
    • fascinated and intrigued by the rituals and customs
    • towering cedar and spruce trees
    • tops of the trees poking through the fog
    • a park down on the water

  4. Agustina Subirá says:

    As soon as we stepped out the 21 hour-flight we left the luggage in the hotel and leave to know one of the most interesting and important city of the world: London. Surprisingly, the characteristic net of water that hangs in this english sky disappeared, and a big sundial pursued us all day. As it could not be otherwise, we used the red buss to whizz by the amazing metropolitan capital.The architecture and the simetry of the city was breath-taking, was then when we understood that all we have heard about this place was nothing but the truth. The clean and imponent biuldings that decorated the streets, seemed the scenario of a movie. I was particularly amused by the people who lived there, most of them in their hurry to reach their work, they were used to that globalized developed city, they did not appreciate that fairy metropolitan place and in that specific moment were not awared of the luck they had for having the opportunity of witnessing the growth and changes of it. They gave that for granted, obviously, but it was not our case. I have an image on my mind, of which was, in my opinion, the most complete part of the trip, when we sat in front of the Thames River, and all the street art gave a familiar air to that amazing place. We laughed ourselves out at a street play. After that, we went a fair behind the Big Ben, where we saw the complete picture, along with the adrenaline of being on a roller coaster. When we thought that day could not be better, we came across a promotion of a movie, for a brief moment we could feel all the glamour and fame surrounding us, and we saw a very known actress: Rachel Mc Addams. When the sun went down I was sure that it had been one of that days I won’t forget in a lifetime.

  5. Damasia Maffi says:

    London is the most breathtaking city I’ve ever been to, it is simply majestic. Even though that its weather isn’t the friendlier, I always found the perfect place to take shelter from it. One day I went to the Houses of Parliament and then I walked through the cobbled path streets to get as near as possible to the Big Ben; by then, it was a brilliant noon and I looked forward to the lovely evening. However, Mother Nature had other plans and a few minutes after I thought this, the bright blue sky went completely dark, and the fog aroused. It was like a thick white blanket which covered the top of every building, and the most annoying thing was that London’s medieval architecture is not something it should be covered. All in all, it was a great experice and I will defenitely repeat it.

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