Summer Farm by Norman McCaig

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  1. agustin campion says:

    Stanza 1: the voice is calm, quiet observing the nature of the farm.
    Stanza 2: the poet is about to discove his empty, dark, insane side.
    Stanza 3: the voice is thinking, relaxed in the farm
    Stanza 4: the succesor of his ancestors is she.
    These descriptions are effective to show the diverse of animals and accesories for them and how beautifull is nature in the farm.
    – In stanzas three and four the poet is relaxing, contemplating nature with fear of reality, and finally talking about himself, finding himself in her farm.
    – The grasshoper that ‘finds himself in space’ represents a rigid face, with no expression, and she is meditating, thinking.
    -These comparisons creates and effect that the ancestors of the poet had lived in that farm and now is her turn to take care of it.
    – ‘threaded’ in that phrase means that she is mixed finding himself in the farm.
    Because she doesn’t want to think, she doesn’t want to go back to reality and stress of daily life.
    In ‘where i come from’ the poet tries to find himself in the place she had lived and that is teh connection with ‘summer farm’ that she also tries to find himself.

  2. Write a sentence summarizing each stanza.
    -Stanza 1: the author is showing us the nature and calmness around him.
    -Stanza 2: the author describes another way (different from s1) of seeing life, like in a sinister way, and shows using a swallow bird the ups and downs of life.
    -Stanza 3: again the author is in peace, and he writes about himself.
    -Stanza 4: he is ‘discovering’ himself and where he is from and his ancestors.
    Why is the poet ‘afraid of where a thought might take me’?
    -He is afraid of that because his thoughts might take him to think about his ancestors and about why he left the farm is he liked it so much
    Choose another poem we have read and make connections.
    Summer Farm – Where I Come From.
    These two poems are really connected. Both talk about people made up of places. In both, the author lived in the farm and now in the city but they remember how they will not change, they will always be from the countryside.

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