Essay: Senior 1 and Senior 2! Let´s work together!

“The City Planners by M. Atwood and “The Planners” by B. K. Cheng share ideas about man and nature.

How far do you agree:


Flor Araya and Sofi A

Estani and Tadeo H

Jose and Mechi Anelo

Sol and Camila Carnemolla

Luz GF and Vicky GN

Luli G, Jose Z and Clara Burgio

Catu G and Juana Otaño

Rochi H and Lucía Paz

Delfi M and Cande Z

Nico M and Lucas Posse

Pancho, Tomi B and Santi M

Bauti ,  Juan L and Balta Querio

Luna PM and Juli M

Cata R and Abril L E

Mara R and Delfi Urso

Pepo R, Tomi A and Facu M

Gonzalo VA and Pipe Reynal

Joaco V and Bruce Donald and Diego Goldaracena

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