The Great Gatsby

Read this article about 4 differences between the movie and the book.

The Great Gatsby

-Can you add another difference?

-The best use of quotes from the book is in the movie’s climax (and possibly best scene), when Gatsby, Nick, Jordan, and the Buchanans go to the Plaza Hotel and Gatsby desperately tries to get Daisy to leave Tom.  The interactions between Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby are believable, tense, and awkward–everything Fitzgerald intended for it to be.

Why is this scene important?

What is the role of Nick and Jordan?

Why does Tom win over Gatsby?

-Were parties in the movie the way you imagined them? Account for your answer.

-Which symbols appear in the story?

-Would you choose ather actors for the main roles? Which ones?

-Are you satisfied with the movie? Is there anything you would change? Account for your answer.


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11 Responses to The Great Gatsby

  1. Nicolas Araya and Joaquin Diaz Walker says:

    1) Yes, in the book, Jordan as well as Daisy create a spark and are very interesting and mysterious characters. In the movie, both of them are shown in a more tepid way and both lack that certain spark we got while reading the book.
    2) The fact that we realize that daisy daisy would choose Tom instead of Gatsby is why this scene is important. Everything Gatsby had been fighting for disappeared in a blink. It is the moment with higher tension (climax) because Daisy would reveal who she would be going with, which is after all the main point of the story: Gatsby’s american dream would not be achieved.
    3)They don’t have a specific role in that scene. They are watching how the matter would be resolved and barely interfere in the scene.
    4) Tom won over Gatsby, because Daisy and him had already built a life around them. They had a past and shared many anecdotes. There was no way that Gatsby’s money would beat what tom had already achieved with Daisy. She had already moved on.
    5) Not at all, I knew the parties had alcohol but I thought that people at that time were more calm and “peaceful”.
    6)The valley of ashes, The eyes of Dr T.J. Eckleburg, Owl eyes, parties, the clock which Gatsby broke down and the green light
    7) I would have chosen another character for Daisy, to show: 1- that she wasn’t so innocent as we think in the beginning; 2- To give more dynamic to the character which, as i mentioned before, is missing, or at least it doesn’t give the same “spark” as in the book.
    8)I think the movie was great. Even though it had differences and the director made some mistakes, I was really entertained by it and had a really good time. It showed us some features which are difficult to picture when reading the novel, like the parties or how people dressed themselves.

  2. Belen Irazusta says:

    1) nick does not has a close relationship with Jordan as in the book. in the book they even kiss, and in the movie not.
    2) this scene is important because is when Gatsby realized that Daisy was not shure to leave tom and say him that she didnt love him. so he realized that the relationship was over, and that he could not go back in the past.
    3)they only are there looking to the scene as spectators.
    4) tom won over gatsby because Daisy stayed with him and didnt leave with Gatsby. also because when Gatsby said her to tell tom that she had never loved him, she says that that was not true.
    5)Yes I imagined that the parties would hae that magnitud, that every person would look his/her best. That they woul be a symbol of the liberate state of min of the 20´s, women drinking, kissing, wearing daring clothes and going out wihtout chaperones.
    6) The green light (at the very begginig), Doctor TJ Eckleburg eyes(advertisment in the Valley of Ashes) The Clock broken by Gatsby, The Valley of Ashes, the changes in the weather, the eyes of Wilson, Gatsbys appearence, East and West Egg, Gatsbys yellow car, the parties.
    7) I wouldn`t change one of the actors because they made this moie work perfectly, I can`t imagine it without one of those great actors or actresses.
    8) Yes my expectations were high and after sawing it they were fullfilled. I wouldn`t change a thing.

  3. Fran okecki says:

    1) Another difference is that the affair Jordan Baker had with Nick is not shown.
    2) That part of the moovie is very important because is the part were tom an gatsby argue about who was going to stay with daisy.
    3) In this scene Jordan and Nick are spectarors of the scene and they only hear and look. In tha ehole scene they doesn’t talk.
    4) Because if their long storie and all the moments they sheared.
    5) No, I pictured the parties in a more traditional way but at the same time incredible. In the moovie parties there is music that i thought it was too new and modern for the 1920’s. On the other hand I think that putting Garshwin’s jazz was incredible because i’m a fan of his music.
    6) Tha green light, the clothes of all the characters, the places such as the valley of ashes and west an east egg, tha cars and the characters itself.
    7) No, I think the actors really adapted Fitzgerald’s original characters.
    8) I really enjoyed the moovie but I will include jordan’s baker affair with Nick because is an important thing. Furthermore I will slow the moovie and include more details.

  4. Milagros Zubizarreta , Milagros Alezzandrini y Nacho Rela says:

    1)Yes, another difference we spotted between the book and the movie was the scene where Jordan Baker crashed a car in one of Gatsby’s parties. This scene appears in the book but not in the movie. We thought this scene was important because it was a foreshadow of the more important crash. Moreover this act helps to show us that Jordan is a liar. Another thing that didn’t appear in the movie that was in the book is that when Gatsby had Daisy over he showed her his suits. In the movie he shows her some shirts. We thought this was important because the suits were an important symbol that represent Gatsby finally being suitable for Daisy.
    2)This scene is important because is where Daisy has to make the decision of going with Gatsby or with Tom. She chose Tom, so here is where Gatsby finally realized that he could never make up for those 5 year when he wasn’t there and Tom was.
    3)In this scene the role of Nick and Jordan is spectators because they are both there but they don’t say a word.
    4)Tom wins over Gatsby because despite Gatsby being rich, good looking and loving he can never replace all the memories Tom and Daisy have together. Daisy and Tom have been together for five year and they have gone through a lot of things together. Gatsby could never beat Tom in that.
    5)No, the parties where not the way we imagined them. We imagined the parties big but not as big as they were in the movie. This is also because we didn’t imagine Gatsby’s house so huge. We also imagined them sophisticated and more calm.
    6)The symbols that appear were:
    The green light (hope)
    The eyes of Dr.eckleberg (Eyes of God)
    The valley of ashes (Industrial USA, people that didn’t enjoy the boom)
    7) No, we were happy with the characters that were chosen for each role. We thought they each fitted their description and they were just how we imagined them.
    8) Yes, we were all satisfied with the movie and we enjoyed it very much. We liked the fact that we had read the book before because it helped us understand a lot of the symbols and enjoy more the movie.

  5. sebas borda y agustin campion says:

    1- Yes, when they are at the plaza hotel in the end, Gatsby loses his temper and tried to hit tom, but he didn’t.
    2- This scene is very important, because it is when they fight and Gatsby loses definitely daisy, and also daisy is very angry and later she accidentally killed myrtle because of being nervous.
    3- The role of nick and Jordan in that scene is being spectator.
    4- Because tom irritated Gatsby with his past and how he has all the money and make him lost his temper and try to hit tom.
    5- No, we now that Gatsby had to make great parties for as daisy to be interested and come over but we never thought that in the movie the parties would be so crazy.
    6- The symbols that appear in the story are, green light, the eyes of doctor t.j. eckleburg, the valley of ashes, nick´s clock, the weather when Gatsby and daisy met.
    7- No, they are perfect and no more main characters could be there, there are enough.
    8- Yes we are very satisfied with the movie, but we would like that Gatsby didn´t die and tom went with myrtle and daisy with Gatsby.

    • pchujman says:

      Sebas and Agus: you suggest changing the ending of the book, which means the failure of the American Dream. If you keep Gatsby alive, the American Dream would be sucessful, don´t you think so?

  6. Delfina Subirá, Emilia Molmenti and Virginia Loza says:

    1) In the novel Jordan Baker is portrayed as a shallow, careless and a liar. She flirted with Nick but in the end Nick discovered Jordan was engaged. Whereas, in the movie the flirt with Nick is not obvious and the fact that she was engaged isn`t mentioned.
    2) A. This scene is important because Gatsby realized that Daisy had moved on and she lived those five years and give love another chance with Tom, even though he decided to turn the blind eye on this discovery.
    B. Nick and Jordan were witnesses during this scene and they were left in a very awkward position.
    C. Tom won over Gatsby because Gatsby wanted it all, he couldn`t satisfied with the fact that Daisy loved him in that moment, he wanted being the only one loved in the past too and Daisy revealed that she loved Tom.
    1) No they were not, we pictured them with classic music and although we knew they were wild we pictured it with an older style.
    2) The green light, the broken clock, the valley of ashes, the eyes in the advertisement and the colours of it, the changes of the weather, the name of Daisy, the yellow car and the blue eyes of Wilson.
    We would change the actress chosen to perform Jordan for Angelina Jolie. And we would change the actor who was chosen to perform Tom for James Marsden.
    3) Yes we are satisfied, in fact we loved it and we didn’t expected to be like that so it surprised us in a positive way. We wouldn`t change a thing.

  7. Paka, Mili B and Mery Brito. says:

    1) Nick doesn’t kiss with Jordan Baker.
    At the scene of the dinner, Daisy’s daughter doesn’t appears. She just appears at the end.

    2) a. This scene is very important because is the moment when Gatsby tries to take Daisy with him. She confesses Tom that she feels something for Gatsby and that she loves both of them and don’t know what to do.
    b. They both know what was going on between Gatsby and Daisy. But in this scene they are just witnesses. They don’t play a role that modify the actions of the other character, in fact, none of the other characters talk to them during that scene until Gatsby and Daisy leave.
    c. Because Tom promises Daisy a better future, while Gatsby can only rely on the past. Also, Gatsby loses his temper and acts violently, while Tom could control himself, being agressive verbally and not physically. Furthermore, Daisy cares about prejudice and preferes her social status instead of being happy but badly seen.

    3) We were a little bit dissapointed with the parties in the movie because firstly, they seemed to be too modern for that time as there was modern music and silver papers falling from above. It seemed as a party nowadays, not situated.

    4) The symbols which appeared in the movie were the Green Light, Dr. Eckleberg’s Eyes, Tom’s Blue car and Gatsby’s Yellow car.

    5) No. We think that the actors for the movie were well chosen. The only thing we would change is that Tom should be more attractive. (we don’t know which actor we would put on his place)

    6)We are really satisfied with the movie, but we strongly think that someone who hasn’t read the book would not be able to appreciate the movie as much as we did.

  8. 1)A difference between the book and the movie is that at the plaza hotel, Gatsby and Tom discuss about the love of Daisy. In the movie Gatsby tries to hit Tom and in the book that is never mentioned.
    2) a) This scene is very important because Gatsby was constantly putting pressure to Daisy so that she confess she never loved Tom
    b)They were there so there was less tension, and in case of a fight they would break off the fight.
    c) He won because Gatsby wanted that Daisy tell Tom that she never loved him, but she said that it wouldn’t be true.
    3) yes, but that wasn’t the music that we had expected.
    4) The symbols that appeared in the movie are: The billboard of Dr.T.J.Eckelburg, the valley of ashes and the green light.
    5) For us the actors were perfect for the role and I would not change anyone.
    6) We are very satisfied with the movie, I would put more symbols of the book and will take out the scenes that are not written in the book.

  9. Justo Fernandez Vidal, Sofia Teran and Agustina Buljevich says:

    The Great Gatsby
    1. We think that all the differences that the web page talks about are perfect and that we didn’t realize about some of it. Maybe we can include some things that in the movie didn’t appear like for example, at the end of the book klipspringer called Nick and ask him to send him a pair of shoes and in the movie it didn’t appear that scene, and also the scene in the book were Daisy showed her finger and explain that Tom had hit her.
    2. Because there we realized that Daisy won’t leave Tom and that she loved both of them.
    3. The role of Nick and Jordan is to help Gatsby to join with Daisy again after 5 years.
    4. Tom won over Gatsby because at the end Tom stay with Daisy.
    5. No, in the movie parties were much more extravagant, bigger, modern, shinning and luxurious.
    6. The green light, The eye of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, the valley of ashes, the clock and the weather, Gatsby’s clothes and yellow car (although they don’t explain it).
    7. We would not change anyone of them because they all acted perfect.
    8. Yes, the movie was very well done. Maybe we would have change Gatsby’s house, and make it look less like a castle and we would make Daisy less innocent.

  10. Antonia Flores Piran says:

    -Can you add another difference?
    No, I can`t add any difference, I really like these four difference. when I saw the movie, I never realized about them. I liked the criticism he makes about Daisy being too sympathetic, Tom too evil, and Gatsby too blameless because it is true. I really like his judgement.

    -The best use of quotes from the book is in the movie’s climax (and possibly best scene), when Gatsby, Nick, Jordan, and the Buchanans go to the Plaza Hotel and Gatsby desperately tries to get Daisy to leave Tom. The interactions between Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby are believable, tense, and awkward–everything Fitzgerald intended for it to be.

    Why is this scene important?
    ,This scene is important because Daisy’s real feelings about her past with Gatsby and Tom are conveyed. Gatsby is disappointed about the fact that she loved Tom once ,too and accuses her of being confused and not knowing what she is saying.

    What is the role of Nick and Jordan?
    Nick and Jordan are not involved much in these scene. They just watch how Tom, Daisy and Gatsby discussed. It was very uncomfortable for them, because they were not part of the proble.

    Why does Tom win over Gatsby?
    Because Tom started asking Daisy if she loved him here, or there, and Daisy breaks down and admits that she did at one point love him. Also, we know that Tom win over Gatby because, Tom starts to argue with Gatsby about what he found out about his real past and it gets too much for Daisy.

    Were parties in the movie the way you imagined them? Account for your answer.
    They were very simililar to the way that I imagined them, but they were eaven bigger and more full of people than what I thought and also there were fireworks that I never imagen that.

    -Which symbols appear in the story?
    The Green Light
    The boken clock
    The parties
    The Valley of Ashes
    The Eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg
    The clothes that gastby throws to Daisy

    -Would you choose ather actors for the main roles? Which ones.
    No I really liked the actors, The best is Leonardo di Caprio, he makes the movie even better.

    -Are you satisfied with the movie? Is there anything you would change? Account for your answer.
    Yes, I am very satisfied with the movie because it exceeded my expectations. I would only change the fact that in the movie, Daisy is very innocent and that makes you feel sad of her but in the book you are not sad of her, you think she is careless and shalow.

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