The Clip by Seamus Heaney

Question 1: Describe Harry Boyle’s house.

Question 2: Describe the haircut (the clip).

Question 3: How does Heaney describe the sheet put over him?

Question 4: Did you enjoy the poem? Give reasons for your answer.

Question 5: In which way is this poem differnet from others in this antology?

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  1. Damasia Maffi, Greta Matienzo and Sofia Honens says:

    1) Harry Boyle´s house is described as small and cozy “one-room”, “one-chimney house” and it was the setting on which Harry got his first haircut. He also described some pieces of furniture, for example a chair “strong-armed chair”.
    2) The haircut starts in the moment when Harry felt the cold-steel scissors approaching towards his neck. Then he followed by describing the clothes he saw, such as a “sleeveless surplice”. Afterwards he stated that the loose hair fell to the floor, he described this in a more poetic way.
    3)Heaney described the sheet placed over him as “half-sleeveless surplice”, “half- hoodless ku klux cape”. Meaning that he felt protected with the sheet over him, but at the same time it was weird, unfamiliar.
    4) We did enjoy the poem, because it was one of the first poems in which violence was not a theme. We were looking for a more profound meaning rather than only a childhood memory, but as we read the poem over and over again we understood that it was a significant event in Harry’s life, as it meant the transition from being a child to an adolescent.
    5) This poem differs from the others mainly because war and violence are not a theme. It is principally a memory, which meant the transition from childhood to adolescence.

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