Out of Shot by Seamus Heaney

Which historical events are pointed out in the poem? Account for your answer with quotations.

Choose another poem which deals with historical events and summarize it. Use quotations to prove your ideas.

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  1. Olivia, Victoria and Luisa says:

    1) The historical events that the poem presents are:
    -The Irish viking attacks
    “Norse raids, night-dreads and that ‘fierce warriors’ poem”
    “About storm in the Irish sea- so no attack”.
    -Wars in the Middle East
    “A cart that had loosed five mortar shells”
    “In the bazaar district, wandering out of shot”.
    He also talks about the effects that these produced:
    “Thinking shock” “staggered walk”.

    2)Anahourish 1944:
    The poem takes place during the second world war in Ireland, where Seamus Heaney grew up. It describes a common day in his life, outside, in his farm. He was killing pigs.
    Suddenly, some American soldiers passed by, and heard the “squealing pigs”. ” We were killing pigs when the Americans arrived”. There is a juxtaposition: while the boy was killing pigs in his farm, soldiers were killing people at war.
    The poem also makes reference to d-day. The attack in Normandy was approaching
    “two lines of them, guns on their shoulders, marching” “Hosting for Normandy”.
    The poem is probably a memory of Heany’s childhood “unkown” “unnamed” that has to do with the fact that the speaker is probably a child that does not understand what is going on (that the soldiers were invading Normandy). It can also be unknown because of the secrecy of the army, since the Irish did not know the strategy of the army and this caused uncertainty, fear, and ignorance.
    The title of the poem “Anahourish 1944” is an allusion to the war. The Second World War took place during 1944. Heaney also uses a lot of vocabulary connected to this historical event and the war, such as “gutter-blood”, “armoured cars and tanks and open jeeps” “slaughterhouse”.

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