The Prison

Do you agree with everything in this presentation? Give reasons.

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  1. Miranda Correa Perkins says:

    I believe that it is a very well done and entertaining presentation, as it gives a well described analysis and it’s easy to understand, however there are some points I don’t agree with. The themes stated are mostly irrelevant and some are not even true, for the main topics they should have included are: inner journey, people’s redemption and living in the past. Then, when the plot is described, I believe Tony is not very well portrayed, for his depression and how miserable he is, is not shown, as well as he’s obscure past and his sad present. I agree that the little girl is Tony’s reflection, and she symbolizes his redemption and his chance of getting “saved” and of, in a way, cleaning his past history. The symbolism of the tissue paper I believe it’s false and not important, for in my opinion it makes no sense. Personally, I would have searched for a deeper analysis about its purpose, because I do not believe that it was mainly for people’s entertainment, but to express a message or simply to show reality.

  2. Candelaria del Carril says:

    I believe it gives very good background information about the author and the story and this is important because of what it says about the genre of the story, the “naturalistic literature” the story matches with things that he was related to, so he wrote “believable everyday reality”.
    i dont agree much with the themes, although they are present in the story, there are others much more present such as “living in the past” , “redemption” and “inner vs outter self” that should have beem mentioned
    in the summery i dont think that Tony is well portrayed, his depression and how miserable he was is not shown, he is shown as a succesfull man to me.
    i agree with the part of the symbols, the girl to me also symbolises his chance of redemption, he wanted to save himself though the girl and i dont think that the tissue paper is a symbol.
    i think the author purpose wasnt only to entretain but to show a reality, we cant really know why he wrote it but i believe he wanted to leave a message in his readers not only entretain.

  3. Milagros Mosquera says:

    The presentation started okay, there was a good introduction of the writer life, but then the details of it started to confuse me. To begin with the themes, I find the inner journey, redemption, inner vs. outerself more accurate topics. Also the symbol of the girl, it´s not the representation of his life but the feeling of parternity. There are important details missing in the summary, for example the difference in Tony´s life regarding his past and his present. Also, the last thing that called my attention was the “Author’s purpose” for me is something deeper that to entretain an audience, it is more related to a message of protection, of how people can change, the author is looking for a more important reaction not just entertainment.

  4. Gitika says:

    I mostly agree with all my classmates, though the prezi gives us a detailed analysis about the story it is not very much reliable. For instance, when it says that Tony was the OWNER of the store which he is not because as Malu said he even stole from it, makes me already start doubting about the presentation. Furthermore, themes like “Respect those older than you because they have experience and know what’s best” have nothing to do with the story theme, that is a theme for a bed-time story. Other themes such as “Do not get lost in the exterior of someone or sth because they can be taking advantage of you” doesn’t seem to me to be a theme but a morale of the story, a theme related to this is morale would be that not everything that glitters is gold and yet I dont find the direct relation with the story’s actual themes. Symbols such as the one of the tissue paper I had never thought about but I don’t fully agree because the tissue paper was a minor detail and it was an excuse, she could have bought balloons and I don’t think it would have made a great difference to the story; actually no difference would be there. Moreover, I find a contradiction in this presentation: it says that it is naturalistic literature and this shows a ‘believable everyday reality’, and as Malu said the American Dream is present so I completely agree on this factor, but then the presentation says that the objective of the writer is to entertain the audience rather than show a believable everyday reality.

  5. Chloe Taylor says:

    To begin with, I think its a good presentation but I do not agree with some details. I do not agree with the Themes they presented as I consider they are not the most important ones or even some have no sense at all; i should have included themes like: Redemption, Inner Journey, Trapped in the American Dream. During the Plot summary a very imporant diference is absent: The past and The present of Tommy. In my opinion the Little girl symbolyses Paternity for Tommy and also its past as the presentation showed. What is more, i would try to search for more information about the author purpose because i do not really believe it was just for Audience enterteinment. Chloe

  6. valentin says:

    First of all, the summary in the prezi is a bit mistaken, there are some errors in the story. I also dont agree with the writers purpose here, in my opinion he is showing what he had to pass for during his life and not trying to entertain the reader. I dont agree with the fact that the tissue paper is a symbol, just a detail of the story. Finally, the themes are wrong.

  7. Tomas Posse says:

    I agree with some terms of the presentation like the Gnre part; naturalistic literature and short fiction, I thought that the quotes were well selected, because they show the conection between Tommy and the little girl. But i thing that the historical context has no place in the story, is not relevant in the plot of it.

  8. Ricardo Levene says:

    To start, Tommy was not the owner of the store. Moreover, I think the little girl was not a symbol of how his life was as a child; HE felt that he must have helped her because he had been through, also, she was an image of himself, she is an opportunity to reverse his fate, to feel fullfilled. I think the tissue paper is not a symbol. The author’s purpose is not to entertain the audience, I think it’s to show about the human living conditions, also, how life was in the place he lived in. The point of view is in third person.
    I partly agree with this presentation.

  9. Malaki Helou says:

    I agree in the fact that the story is “Naturalistic Literature”. I had never listen that term before, but it is true because it has a lot about the American Dream, that is a ‘believable everyday reality’. I don’t agree at all in the themes of the story mentioned in the presentation, I think it is more about the inner vs outsider, mental prision, disatisfaction. In my view “Respect those older than you because they have experience and know what’s best” it’s not related to Tommy’s situation or feelings, that is from the girl’s position and the story is based in Tommy, the girl is an image of himself, just an oppotunity for him to be forgiven, feel fullfilled, or save himself as he was willing to do. Moreover, I do not agree with the “Plot Summary” sector. For example, it is written that Tony was the owner of the store with Rosa. That is not true, he worked there and the store is from Rosa’s family. He was there just to get a little “easy money”, he even stole from there! I agree with the symbols part, the girl clearly represents Tommy, and the tissue paper I think is a interesting view, but I had never think about it before. The point of view is Third Person Narrator, and we really don’t know the author purpose.

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