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The Moving Finger – Essay Writing

  • The story ‘The Moving Finger’ deals with a powerful theme which is the treatment of women as objects. Do you agree?

Through the story ‘The Moving Finger’ Edith Wharton intended to make readers know more about how hard it can be for a man to live lonely and how different it is when having a woman on your side. In the text, the author characterized both the treatment of women by men and the importance and need of women for men, as well as insanity and cynicism.

In the first place, insanity and need of women for men are two relevant themes in Wharton’s story. It is important to clarify that Ralph Grancy had reasonable reasons for being so depressed and mad, because of the death of his two wives. Not to mention the fact that his second wife was the love of his life, and, after dying, a part of him also died; he reached the culminating point of misery and loneliness. “[…] her nearness mocked me with the loss of the real woman […]”. “Life is a big thing […] but I got so tired of looking at it alone!” These two quotations show evidence of how important and needed women are for men, in this case for Mr. Grancy.

Besides, he modified a painting of her wife in order to make her seem older, since, before she died, he had been planning to reach old age with her. This was due to the fact that he wanted to feel accompanied and also to have a similar age so as not to feel lonely and older than her. Moreover, here he treated her like an object since he wanted to make her be part of the house by having the painting. “[…] to him it was only a picture lost, to me it was my life regained”. His wife meant a part of his life for him. “[…] the portrait became like a beautiful mausoleum in which she had been buried alive […]”. He felt her wife was part of the house because of the painting, so he treated her like an object.

In addition to this, an important theme that is present in Claydon is cynicism, which is connected with the idea of treating women as objects. Claydon was cynical with Ralph Grancy because he was in control of the painting (he could modify it, by making her look older, younger, uglier or whatever he wanted to) and mistakenly believed that by having the capacity of altering it and having had an affair with her, he owned Mrs. Grancy’s love, which in fact belonged to Ralph. “Doesn’t she belong to me now?” Claydon thought that by having created and being able to modify the painting, Mrs. Grancy belonged to him. Last, the painter was cynical for the reason that he treated her like an object for making a painting of her and believing that, through it, he knew her very well.

Taking everything into consideration, I agree with the fact that ‘The Moving Finger’ is a story that deals with the theme of treating women as objects for some reasons. These include that both Ralph Grancy and Claydon treated her as an object; the painter, in order to control her, and her husband, for his relief. However, there are other important themes in the story, such as insanity, need of women for men and cynicism.

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11 Responses to The Moving FInger: essay by Diochi

  1. Jaanavee says:

    I think that Mr Grancy has not get the importance as she is getting when she is no more… I mean that when Mrs. Grancy was alive, it seems that his husband didn’t showed his love and affection towards as he is portrait as a usefulness person.

  2. alma says:

    Thank you so much,helped a lot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with your point of view, but i think that claydon didn’t make difference between men or women because he controlled Mr Grancy life without feeling gulty by changing the appearence of the portrait. Also, i think that Claydon believes that he is superior than everyone considering he manipulate Mr Grancy.

  4. Julieta Junco says:

    I agree with the author of this essay, because the main meaning is that the women are treated as objects and this is a very important quotation from the story, so the author of the essay analize very good the quotation of the story and the meaning of this quotation in the essay.

  5. lhernandez says:

    Amazing essay. It really helps understand the story from a different perspective. When I first read the story I didn’t think it would involve themes like treating women like objects, but now that I read your essay I undesrtood perfectly and it seems so obvious. Thank you for this incredible essay and for helping me and more people undestand the story.

  6. Toto says:

    It’s a very good essay and it help me understand the story.
    You could mention in your essay that Mr Grancy also treated the portrait as a person. “At times, as I sat there,I almost grew to hate her; for her presence had driven my gentle ghost, the real wife who had wept, aged, struggled with me during those awful years . . . it was the worst loneliness that I have ever known. Then, gradually, I began to notice a look of sadness in the picture’s eyes; a look that seemed to say: “ Don’t you see I am lonely too?” And all at once it came over me how she would have hated to be left behind.” This paragrhaph is good examplefor to see that Grancy is treating the portrait as a person. He is talking about his emotions with a portrait.
    Congratulations for your great work and hope you can read my comentarios.

  7. jpuva says:

    Great essay! I read only up to part 4.
    I think it is fantastic how Mr. Grancy`s life changed when Claydon changes the portrait for him. He didn´t feel lonely any more. “ me it was my wife regainted!”.

  8. Wow! I really liked the ‘essence’ of this essay. How he uses vocabulary to express different sensations is really stunning. I also love the way in which he compared the feelings toward Mrs. Grancy both from Claydon and Mr. Grancy.

  9. caldazetkin says:

    I agree with you that the story deals with the theme that men need a woman because when I read the story I felt that Mr Grancy and Claydon (especially Mr GRancy) need a woman (Mrs GRancy more precisely). to prove my point here is a quote from the story: ¨I worked as hard as I knew how, and after the first black months a little light stole in on me. From thinking that she would have been interested in what I was doing I came to feel that she was interested¨

  10. Lucas Quinteiro says:

    Great work buddy, i didnt even read the story and i already understand it. Very useful for my literature text.

  11. Amna Saleem says:

    Thanks for this buddy haven’t even read the whole thing but i can feel its going to help me in my A level examination as i am doing private studies- No tuition no schooling so -wanted to tell that you work is greatly appreciated .keep it up…

    also can you please do summary on other poems and on short stories on request ….i will be highly thank full to you….

    Thanks and Best Regard

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