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Leave a comment stating your opinion.

Is there anything which is missing?

What do you like about the presentations?

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3 Responses to Watch and comment

  1. Francisco Mosquera says:

    I enjoy them very much. I’ll only change the color of the words at the prezi because in some images you can’t read well what is written.

  2. rociohartmann says:

    My favorite presentation was the one by Bruce and Vicky. However, I really liked the other two. I don’t think there is anything missing. They all look amazing!

  3. I would add something about their “instrument” and what it is used for (represented in the images). I like them very much especially the ones that have music or the poem is narrated. I think they should represent more the metaphorical menaing, for example when it says “killers from yhe egg” it is describing that before the were born, they knew they will kill. But I enjoy them very much.

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