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Essay on “Pike”

How does Ted Hughes convey the power and violence in animals through the poem “Pike” ? Animals are living things that we see in our everyday lives yet we don’t seem to give them any importance. Very few people give … Continue reading

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Look at the picture. Which parts of the poem are connected to the parts of this fish?

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Pied Beauty: your own poem

  Look at Hopkins poem closely and note the use of language features (alliteration, simile, metaphors, imageries, and rhyme). Produce your own version of the poem and take these into account.  Hopkin’s poem deals with ‘dappled things’, yours can be on … Continue reading

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The Moving Finger

Watch this presentation Is there anything you can add? The owner of this presentation analysed three important quotations, can you analyse two more? Leave the comment in the blog.

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Vocabulary on devastated places

Read these articles in connection to disasters and make a list of words and phrases to describe devastated places. Use google drive and share the document with all the members of your group. Tsunamis Earthquake Hurracaine Floods War Devastation  

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Finding Our Roots

People from all over the world are participating in this project! Soon, we´ll get to know some of them

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Project work: Finding our roots

Hi Senior 2 Again this year, we are working with people from different schools all over the world. Use this link Acrostic Poems to introduce yourself. Here is my introduction.   Please, share the final version of your poem with … Continue reading

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The Internet is For Ever

Keep private! Watch this video and leave a comment with your reflection.

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Pike: Listen to the poem

Ted Hughes – Pike por poetictouch After listening to the poem, read this article Pike by Ted Hughes and write a summary listing the main ideas. Post the summary in YOUR blog. Title of the post: Pike (don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Pied Beauty

Answer these questions What other “dappled things” in the world would you want to praise? Hopkins loved to invent new words, especially by using hyphens between two shorter words. Try coming up with your own new words. If God is … Continue reading

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My Son the Fanatic by Hanif Kureishi

   “My Son the Fanatic” represents and explores conflicting notions of modern British identity. As well as ethnic and racial tensions, you might look at questions of generational difference, gender, religion, empire, class. 1. Use textual evidence from the story … Continue reading

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