Poems and Stories review

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  1. Vicky Gonzalez says:

    I think that in Juan and Lucas presentation they mention a lot the fact that the poet related the cycle of life with the movements of a cockroach but they didn’t explain it detailed.

    In Delfina’s and Camila’s presentation I would add to the themes power, because it is a mainly important factor in the story. Also, I would have said that Trevor didn’t want to destroy the house because he hated Mr. Thomas but because he was jelouse that he’s house had survived and his familiy’s not.

    In Lucia’s presentation I would add that Sophie’s son felt embarased of her because she didn’t speak correctly and didn’t had the manners of a high social class woman. Also that the story is separeted in III part and that in each part a character dies.

  2. juan says:

    “The Cockroach”, by Juanita:
    I think that they can include more literary terms and make the presentation more organized. They also missed the part of stages of life, the part of rencarnation and the broken rhyme.

  3. Camila Carnemolla says:

    In the presentation of Lucas, Baltasar and Juan is complete but I¨ll add some others themes, like growing up, the stages in life.
    Diego Goldaracena and Facundo Milhas, There is a ryhme structure, it´s regular in the begining but it becomes irregular at the end it is important to result that.
    Julia´s and Abril´s presentation they forgot the irony, that is the most important in the story.

  4. Sofi Achaval says:

    “The Destructors” by Juli Molmenti and Abru Lopez.
    I think that this presentation is complete but I would add that another theme could be destructive element in human beigns.

    In the presentation of Juan, Lucas y Baltasar of the poem “the Cockroach” i would add two more themes: growing old and stages in life.

    “Hunting Snake” by Facundo Milhas and Diego Goldaracena.
    In this presentation I would add that the Stanza 3 is the Climax of the poem. In the first and second line of the poem the atmosphere is: cozy, calm, quite, peaceful and silence, and in the third and fourth line: terrifying and dark.

  5. Diego Goldaracena says:

    “The Son’s Veto”
    By Lucia Paz and Mechi Anelo

    I liked this presentation. I think that this one have a lot of information and it is important to have your presentations complete, and to describe characters, but they must put more quotations to prove what they were saying.

    “The Destructors”
    by Camila Carnemolla and Delfina Urso

    I liked this presentation because they describe good the characters and because of the effects, but I think that they concentrate in the characters and they doesn’t include all the information.


  6. Bruce Donald says:

    Hunting Snake by Diego and facundo I would put in the theme Snake controls the man.

  7. Juan Landolfo says:

    “The destructors” by Camila and Delfina:The presentation is complete but I would add another theme that is power. In a gang, the gangsters have to respect their leader because he has more power than them. In “The destructors”, In one part of the story the leader change, and the power centre in another person. Also, as the gangsters in the story were kids, adults like Mr, thomas, had more power than them. I would also say that after the war, the kids parents lost their economy power and this affect the kids to the poin that they want to destrive the home of a poor all man as their houses were destroyed.

    “Hunting snake” by Diego and Facundo:It was a good presentation but I think that they made a mistake saying that superiority of man is a theme because the poem shows how somwtimes we, humans feel inferior of animals, it shows much we fear them sometimes. Even in their presentation they explain that. Also, I would add more information about the structure of the poem, and explain more in detail the mixture of feelings.

    “The destructors” by Abril and Julia:The presentation was very good and complete you just missed what may be one of the most importants things of this story, that is the irony of how a war cant destroy a house and a couple of kids can.

  8. Clara Burgio says:

    In “The destructors” by Delfi Urso I would add that Trevor is jealous because the war didn´t affect Mr. Thomas, but his family went bankroupt before the war. He wanted Mr. Thomas to suffer as his family did.
    In “Hunting snake” its important to say that when the snake is gone, they continue describing the normal day again, like nothing had happened

  9. Juana says:

    I think that in Facundo´s and Diego´s presentation, its a must to add that even though they are both paralized and very scared, they are also amazed because the snake is beautiful
    In The son´s veto by Lucia Paz I would add that while Sophy worked for Mr. Twycott she received a proposal of marriage from gardener Sam but she didn´t accept.

  10. Delfina Urso says:

    Some things they can add is, in the characters, they didn’t mention Trevor’s parents, they could have been more specific with the setting, it was after the last bomb of the first Blitz, in a car park. A correction would also be, in the part that says irony in the final, it sholud say, irony in the END.

  11. Tadeo says:

    The Son’s Veto

    By Lucia Paz and Mercedes Anelo

    I liked the presentation. Although your presentation had relevant information, there was more information available to include. For example, you focus a lot at the characters but you did not write anything about the structure of the story. Also, you could have included information about other literary terms as a simile or maybe a foreshadowing. Furthermore, you only included two themes; there are more themes.
    What I liked of your presentation is that as the story is sad, dramatic, you employed the grey colour. Maybe you did it without that purpose but I liked it.

    The Destructors

    By Abril Lopez and Julia Molmenti

    Your presentation was very interesting. I liked that you included the main relevant information. I also liked that your presentation was colorful.

    I did not like of it was that every time I changed of view I had to change it two times because of the arrows. It was desperately. You may change it on your next presentations. Although you have included the main relevant information, you did not include some crucial details as the balance of power, or maybe details about Mr. Thomas house, etc. They are topics that, in my opinion, make the presentation be more complete. Moreover, I do not like big paragraphs on presentations. Big paragraphs turn presentations boring. At the beginning I read the summary of the story. It was a little bit long. But then you started to include short and useful sentences.

    The Destructors

    By Camila Carnemolla and Delfina Urso

    I liked your presentation but I think that you should have to include more information. In my opinion your presentation was a little bit poor. There was such a lot of information that you leaved at a side, as Mr. Thomas house, the balance of power, or maybe information about other literary terms as allusions.

    What I liked more about your presentations were the effects that you included and the organizations that you employed.


  12. Felipe Reynal says:

    Delfina Urso and Camila Carnemolla: i think it is very complete but they forgot to talk about an important theme in the destructors that is power. Because the three main characters have power. blackie was the leader and had power , then he lost it because T was the new leader. Also Mr thomas has power because of his experience. They also forgot to mention the allusion.

    Julia Molmenti and Abril Lopez: they explain the story great but they don`t put the irony that it is very important because it is strange that the house survived the bombarding of Germany but it couldn´t resist a group of kids. Also, they forgot to mention the allusion, but it is not so relevant.

  13. Abru Lopez says:

    “Hunting Snake” by Diego Goldaracena and Facundo Milhas

    First of all i think that the prezzi it is very good but there are things that i will add or correct for example, In the themes they wrote “Superiority of the man” and i don’t agree with this because i think that the poem talks about the inferiority of the man towards the situation, and I will add Human superiority complex, Rationalitiy vs Instinct, Human feelings and their relation with nature.
    They did not put the structure:
    It is a regular poem with 4 stanzas, 4 lines each
    And they did not put that there is a contrast between Lines 1-2 and Lines 3-4.
    The atmosphere is calm, quiet and peacful in stanza 1 and in stanza 2 is terryfiyng and dark.

    Now i will analyze the cockroach by Juan, Baltasar and Lucas.

    I think that the prezi is good but it is a little bit incomplete, for example
    In themes they only wrote: “Cycle of life” and i think that “Growing old” and “Stages in lifE” are very good themes too.
    They did not include the message that is “Enjoy every stage in life” and they did not include something that is very important that are these words “At first, but soon, after a while” that indicates when the stages are changing, they mention the stages in life but not that thing that is is very important. And they did not mention the broken rhyme in Lines 12, 13 and 14

  14. Facundo Milhas says:

    I think that in the oneof the cockroach from Balti, Lucas and juan I would explain the theme and the tone, and I would deepen the similies the metaphors, and when you say the poem is an extended metaphor I would then say the thing about how the author compares the walk of the cockroach and the cycle of human life.

  15. Mechi Anelo says:

    The first presentation i will add information in the one about The Destructors that Delfi Urso and Cami Carnemolla did. One of the themes they didn’t mention is “power”, because as Thomas is an adult has power. I can add another tone, that is pessimistic.
    The Second presentation is the one that Diego Goldaracena and Facundo Milhas did. There is a ryhme structure that is regular in the begining but it is iregular in the last stanza, the writer wants to make us pay more attention to that part. The snake is black and that colour is assiosated with darkness and evil. The atmosphere changes in the same stanza (the first one), from calm to stressed atmosphere.
    Kisses, Mechi

  16. Lucas Posse says:

    ‘The son’s Veto’
    by Lucia Paz

    I agree with the theme which is sacrifice and love for one’s family but when they describe Sophie the could have described her as not only an uneducated woman but that she also felt different from the other people from the high social class. Her son didn’t love her but she still did love him and rejected his true love because of that:her son.
    There should be more quotations.There is no setting.

    ‘Hunting Snake’
    By Diego Goladaracena

    I agree with their opinion that humans feel superior than everyone else but they could have described more the situation, how the feared and froze when the saw the snake passing in front of them,how is the relationship between humans and nature,in this case a snake.

  17. Julia Molmenti says:

    In the presentation of Camila and Delfina, It’s important to add atmosphere: Pessimistic outlook of the world, violent mood and aggression.
    Also the allusion: “St Paul’s Cathedral” built by Christopher Rent.

  18. Candela Zufriategui says:

    In the presentation of the destructors (by Camila and Delfina), I agree with the themes but I think that power is another one.
    The balance of power is important in my opinion: Blackie (leader) has power, Trevor (he had ‘the idea’) so he has the power now; Mr. Thomas has power given by his experience and old age.

    I agree with the tones but I think serious and harsh are important tones also.

  19. Julia Molmenti says:

    Something that is missing in the presentation of Lucas, Juan and Baltasar about the structure that is useful to mention are the three stages mention in the poem which represent the stages of life.
    L3 “At first”, L5 “But soon”, L10 “After a while”.
    I agree with the themes but I think that stages of life is also another theme.

  20. Candela Zufriategui says:

    Also it’s important to add that the message of “the cockroach” (by Juan, Lucas and Baltasar) is: Enjoy and take advantage of every stage of life because they can’t be repeated.

  21. Candela Zufriategui says:

    In the presentation by Lucas, Juan y Baltasar, I think that is important to mention the broken rhyme in the last two lines, to call the reader’s attention. (The theme of the poem is there)

  22. Delfina Urso says:

    I think that “The Coackroach” presentation is complete, but, one thing they can add is that the last three lines are a broken rhyme and that there is where the message is. They could also had added some quotations, for example, for the theme, the cycle of life “At first…”, “But then…” and “after a while”

  23. Delfina Urso says:

    I think that “The Coackroach” presentation is complete, but, one thing they can add is that the last three lines are a broken rhyme and that in those lines the theme or the message is. They could also had added some quotations, for example, for the theme, the cycle of life “At first…”, “But then…” and “after a while”

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