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Connecting Classrooms is a British Council Schools Online global programme that offers collaborative projects for learners, online resources and professional development for teachers and school leaders. Participant schools in the UK and countries around the world build partnership that enrich the curriculum, improve skills and enhance motivation. Joint projects encourage understanding and trust among the participants who, in turn, instill this attitude towards the foreign country among their peers, colleagues, families and their society at large. Primary and secondary students of all ages and linguistic proficiency levels develop communication, social and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills while learning about other cultures and societies and reflecting on their own.

Climate change will be the core subject of our collaborative project during the second quarter of the 2012 school year. This new edition of Connecting Classrooms will offer teachers the opportunity to work on Climate change issues, using especially designed Project templates for 6-10, 11-14 and 15-18 years old. Let the project inspire your students to improve their communication and ICT skills while learning about the importance of looking after our planet! 

Senior 1 has worked on this project and will share their final products with students from other schools.

Senior 1 students will help to raise awareness on Climate Change through poetry

Juana, Clara and Jose want to share this presentation with all of us:


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6 Responses to Connecting Classrooms Project

  1. Gladys Baya says:

    Dear Mechi, Julia, Tadeo, Abril, Juan, Diego, Felipe, Juana, Clara, Jose, Lucas, Baltasar and Patricia:
    What can I say? You’ve all done a wonderful work collecting poems that help us see the world in a new light… I’m also impressed by your professional use of Web 2. 0 tools such as Glogsters and Prezis…
    At first, I tried to pick up a favourite poem, but I’ve given up, because each of them is beautiful in its own way…. What matters, I believe, is that we have all become more aware of how important it is to look after our planet, and stop climate change as soon as possible. Would you agree?
    I hope we have chances to work with you in future again… It’s been a pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Gladys (Project facilitator)

  2. Students from Jovita and Ale O. says:

    Congratulations students and Miss Patricia!!!
    You have worked so hard and your dedication was fantastic!!!
    Claps for your ideas and reflections!!!

  3. Ghazala Majid says:

    Dear Patricia,
    I’ve just viewed your presentations and i must say I’m totally impressed with the work and skills of your students. I must say all the presentations are really good.:)
    I’d love to have a chance to work with you

    • pchujman says:

      Thanks a lot for all your beautiful comments about my students and their great work!!
      I’m also impressed by the job they have accomplished and hope we can go on working like this in the future!!

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