“Fielding is an important character in the novel because he betrays his English friends.”

In the following essay I will discuss the statement: “Fielding is an important character in the novel because he betrays his English friends.”

Indiain the 1920s was, ironically, a harsh time to be an India; they were treated like the lowest scum on earth by the British. A British who was willing to see past the difference of their color was hard to find; this is what makes Fielding so special in the book, He is one of the few that dares to break the taboo of socializing with an India, he is willing to go against the grain just because he feels it’s the right thing to do. Fielding is by himself, he doesn’t really fit in with the other British as they are ignorant and racist and he doesn’t fit in with the Indians because he doesn’t share the same culture. He is a sort of lonely wolf who takes no side in this rivalry of the British and Indians.


Fielding plays a major role in the book, not only because he “betrays” his English friends, but because he is one of the few Englishmen that does not judge a person for his color. He does what he believes is the right thing to do instead of following the mass. He is liked by the Indians and in a way sort of disliked by the British; he stands neutral in the novel. He acts like a bridge between the Indian and the British culture. Fielding is the only British Aziz could open himself up to about his home and his deceased wife. This goes to show how he has the ability to get close to the Indians. Fielding is also a very brave man; he stood up for Aziz when he was accused of abusing Adela and claimed he wasn’t capable of such a thing he even said “she’s mad”. Being friends with an Indian was already looked down upon, defending an Indian over a Brit was going to get him a lot of hatred by the British side and he knew it. Fielding’s chivalry is without question, he is willing to sacrifice his friends if he feels it’s the right thing to do.


In conclusion, Fielding is an important character in the novel not only because he is inclined to losing his friends if it meant defending Aziz and saying what he believes it right, but because he treats all people equally regardless of their skin color, he is one of the few people who connect the British and the Indians together.

Alejo Zubizarreta

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