A Passage to India

Adela has had a terrible experience in the caves.

You are a journalist. Write an article for the newspaper and post it here.

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  1. Micaela Cardalda, Victoria Nielsen Serena Griffin and Sofia Honenes says:

    Tragedy in the Caves

    Yesterday, the city magister’s fiancee was assaulted by the Indian Doctor Aziz on an expedition into the Marabar Caves.

    This unexpected news created suspense and horror among the people. Adela Quested was sexually assaulted by the Indian man. Justice is what allows morality to remain, and moral people are the ones who support Adela and soothe her feelings that are strongly affecting her at the moment. Adela was visiting the Caves for the first time in company of the Indian. This innocent expedition ended up in a horrible situation. Doctor Aziz attacked the woman at noon. After she made the denounce to the police, he was halted, and is now waiting for a trial. The justice has enough evidence to imprison the man. I hope this tragedy will teach people that certain boundaries are not supposed to be crossed, the poor Miss Quested went too far, and she learnt by the hard way.

  2. Chandrapore Daily

    A British woman was raped by a crazy Indian. The incident occurred in the Marabar caves. Adela quested was lost when this filthy Indian appeared from behind and violently raped her.
    It is believed that Aziz also wanted to kill her but Adela was too strong for an Indian. Now Aziz, the Indian, is waiting for his sentence.

  3. Olivia Arcuri, Luisa Flores Piran and Juan Pando says:

    Adela Quested, the City Magistrate’s fiancée was sexually harrased by a native in the Marabar Caves.

    A week ago, Miss Quested was invited to a sightseeing tour in the Caves. She was deceived and carried away by Dr. Aziz’s charm and fake goodwill. Everything was going well until Mrs. Moore, Miss Quested’s future mother in law decided not to enter the Caves.
    The evidence, Adela’s glasses that were found in the Indian’s pocket, has confirmed that the attack had truly taken place.
    Dr.Aziz is currently arrested, although he denies having carried out the attack.
    “I never attacked Adela, I was looking for her and I found those glasses on the floor”
    The police is working on the security of the place, to avoid future crimes.
    It is hoped that this works as a lesson for the Indians that British are here to help, keep peace and avoid such catastrophes.

  4. Lucila Pilar Juana y Agustina says:

    Young British girl abused by a native at the Marabar Caves
    Ronnie Heaslop`s fiancee was sexually harrased by Doctor Aziz, apparently she was kidnapped and taken to the caves.Moreover, the servant of the future husband of the victim was bribed and forced to return to the club by the criminal. Her attacker was known as a qualified doctor, and a sane person, evidently, he is mentally sick. Our sources tell us that his religion (hinduism) was related with this crime.
    Now a deep investigation is being performed by our more qualified police men.
    Once more, the British government is mantaining the peace and the order in India and it has been proved that we are necessary in this place.

  5. sofia ballester molina, greta matienzo, damasia maffi says:

    The city magistrate’s wife was raped by an indian doctor.

    Yesterday, Adela Quested was taken to a tour in the Marabar Caves. She went with an indian doctor called Aziz. Sources tell us that they disappeared. The police inspected Aziz and found some evidence. The indian had Adela’s glasses.
    In addition, Mrs Quested claimed that she was sexually harassed by this man. He is now in custody at the municipal police station. However, he claimed to be innocent. It is said that he won’t be listened to by the city magistrate or the court. We know it has been a tragic incident for her and that she is suffering. We’ll let the court decide.

  6. Tomas Burgio and Guido Ciccone says:

    British women molested by Indian

    Yesterday, Adela (The mayor fiancee) reported that she was molested by an Indian man called Aziz. Adela was found very harmed and supposed to be raped in Maravar caves. She stated that she was molested and punched multiple times by Aziz, an Indian doctor. What a mess. In my opinion I think that the Indians should be our slaves to prevent this kind of actions, typical of Indians.

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