Wilfred Owen: Dulce Et Decorum Est

Watch this video

Answer these questions with a partner and get ready to discuss them next class.

  1. Summarise what the poem is about in no more than 4 sentences.
  2. How does the poet make an impact on the reader in the first two lines of the text? Identify the 2 similes used and explain what they tell us about the soldiers.
  3. How does the poet develop the description of the soldiers in    lines 3 to 7? Refer to at least one example of metaphor, and the use of either repetition or word choice in your answer.
  4. What adjective does the poet use in Line 10? Why is it effective?
  5. Explain what is being described in lines 10 to 14. How does the poet use language in lines 11 and 12 to convey the way in which soldier is moving? Find a quote to back up your answer.
  6. Why is the metaphor, ”I saw him drowning” an effective description?
  7. What is the poet describing in Stanza Three?
  8. Who is the poet addressing in Stanza Four? Why does he do this?
  9. Choose a phrase from lines 17 to 23 that describes the   dying soldier in a particularly shocking or realistic way. Quote the phrase and explain why you feel it is effective.
  10. Consider the poem as a whole. Explain how well you feel Owen has described the reality of war.


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