“Hunting Snake”

Although ‘Hunting Snake’ is clearly about a snake that the poem’s speaker once saw, and about the fear and awe that it created in her, it may also perhaps be read in a different way.

Some points for classroom discussion:

The poem is a very tightly controlled one, with traditional four-line stanzas, a simple rhythm and rhyme pattern; how, then, does Wright create her sense of shock, fear, admiration (look at lines 3, 8, 9-10 and 13, for example) and finally her relief when the snake passes by and the danger is over?

Which words and which images are the most striking? Why do they have this effect?

Do you think this video represents the poem? Why/Why not?

Deep analysis of the poem

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8 Responses to “Hunting Snake”

  1. Tomi Anania says:

    1- Wright creat her sense of shock, fear, and admiration when the characters of the poem see the snake-. “We walked, and froze half-through a pace. The great black went reeling by… And we lost breath to watch him pass…”. Finally she creats her relief when the snake has gone and there isn’t anymore danger. “Cold, dark and splendidhe was gone…”.
    2- Cold, dark and splendid. Because it is describing how the snake dissappears.
    3- Yes, because it is describing how is the snake, the weather, the feelings of the characters and the place.

  2. Pancho Mosquera says:

    The most striking images in the poem are the followings:
    – GRACE, that mean religious or sens of optimism.
    – GENTLE SKY, that means happiness.
    – FROZE that means a dark contrast.
    – SCALE that mean the natural beauty as well as the SUN.
    – In stanza three the poet stop thinking because of the beauty of the snake.

    The first video only represent the poem with the images but in the second video the man analize the poem and the meanings of the words.

  3. Luz Garcia Fernandez, Lucia Roggero and Flor Araya says:

    1) The most striking images for us are when the snake appears with the tounge out, its an amazing picture and it helps you to understand more.
    2) Yes because the images represent what the girl is saying. For example, when she says “(…) what small food fled living from his firece intent,(…)” pictures of squirrels, mice and a little duck appear or when it says “We took a deep breath of day (…)” and a picture of a girl taking a deep breath, relaked appears.

  4. Joaco Venini says:

    Which words and which images are the most striking? Why do they have this effect?

    I think that some striking words are:
    1 )Grace because he uses religion.
    2) Diamond describin the snake.
    3) It also calls my attention in S1 how it describes almost all the time the place.

    Do you think this video represents the poem? Why/Why not?

    I really think it does because it follows what each stanza talks about with the images, S1: The setting of the place. S2: Describing the snake. S3: What’s the snake doing.
    S4: The sneak desapearing.

  5. Catalina Rela & Sol Di Liscia says:

    Which words and which images are the most striking? Why do they have this effect?

    “Tounge flickering on the trail”.This quotation provokes fear, when you read it you imagine a black and enormous snake flickering on the trail. ” What small food fled living from his fierce intent”. When you read this you imagine a hungry snake hunting that would eat anything that goes through her way.

    Do you think this video represents the poem? Why/Why not?

    Yes because all the images give a clear view of what the writer wants to represent.

  6. mateo vidal says:

    1. She creates this kind of senses when she (using very detailed expressions) describes the moment and in that precise moment you feel that you are there seeing the snake passing through you.

    2. The words cold, dark and splendid are the most striking words And the most striking image is the same one where this words are.

    3. Yes because it has all the images that could perfectly fit on the poem.

    • tomi borda & pedro roldanaqsw0efrrt says:

      Yes its over, and they go on.

      There are two words very striking that are splendid and dark, because they

      describe the snake. And the images that describe is the first snake that appears.

      Because the snake appears slowly and thats why is like that.

      Yes it represents the poem, because it describes and put things about the snake.

    • Nicolas Monguzzi & Bautista Olaizola says:

      1) The more striking images are the ones of the snakes because the snake make feel others fear, horror but also is very rare his skin. The more striking words are the ones that describes the snake like “Tongue flickering on the trail” here it is describing the snake’s tongue how it’s move because it describes very specific and they call your attention.
      2) Yes, because all the images are representing a part of the poem like the snakes or when the woman is breathing.

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