“Pied Beauty” and “Pike”

Watch this video about the poem we discussed in class.


Students’ task

Prepare a presentation like this about “Pike” using pictures from the web.

Watch this video produced by Mechi A, Cande Z, y Santi M: pike2

Pipe, Tadeo and Juan produced this presentation based on the poem “Pike”


Juli and Abril produced this wonderful video

Bruce and Vicky also painted the poem “Pike”

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11 Responses to “Pied Beauty” and “Pike”

  1. nicolasmonguzzi says:

    The three were very complete but I would add the analysis the one i liked most was the one of Juli and Abril because I like that while you see the video the poem was told.

  2. Tomás Anania says:

    I like the presentation made by Bruce and Vicky because it’s very complete and interesting for the people who didn’t read it. I think there is nothing missing.

  3. Luna Perez Muñiz says:

    The presentation of Pipe, Tadeo and Juan was very good because they had a lot of photos but music is missing so you feel the atmosphere.
    The one of Mechi Cande and Santi and the one of Bruce and Vicky were very interesnting but there were some parts pf the poem missing usin that tool of Bruce and Vicky´s presentation.
    The one of Julia and Abril was very complete. It had music, interesting photos and the lines. I wouldn´t add anything

  4. delfinamiyuranga says:

    I personally found the 3 videos very interesting. What I liked the most was that one video, was Ted Hughes retelling the poem, and that is very interesting because it helps you to understand better the poem, since he write it. Also, I liked the Stupeflix, which I think that it is very attractive. I also liked the Prezi, but I would put some more information, for example the feelings of the author, maybe the theme and the tone, some analysis from the poem, like the one that we made in class.

  5. Tomi Anania says:

    I like the presentation made by Bruce and Vicky because it is very complete and interesting for others who didn’t read it. I think there is nothing missing.

  6. Flor Araya says:

    I found all of them really interesting. I would add a little bit of analisys so that it’s easier to understant the poem. Anyaway, the pictures made the poem clearer like when the poem says “Or move (…) over a bed of emerald (…)” and they showed the pike swimming between the seaweed

  7. Bauti Olaizola says:

    I like all the pictures of the poems, they were all okay but in some case the things weren’t formal or the important theme, I enjoy them very much, I will added a few pictures or explaining but it was very good.

  8. josefinacatani says:

    I found them very intresting and they weren´t boring and with all the images it makes them more colourfull and more specific. I wouldn´t add any more information i think it is very complete.

  9. For me the 3 were very good, but it only have the poem, it would be better if they add the analysis we have made in class. For example The movements of the pike, it is very elegant and arrogant, he want to show off or when the man take the pike of his natural habitat or the themes= Self-discovery, nature vs human beings, human being behavior towards nature and the tones= guilty, remorseful, reflective, gloomy, dark, violent , suspense.

  10. Joaquin Diaz Walker, Francisca Mer and Milagros Brasco says:

    We find very interesting the videos in which there is music or the poem is narrated.
    On one video from You Tube we didn’t like that the pictures are so informal for a poem, for example at minute 0:38
    but very illustrative all of them! very nice!

  11. Delfina Subirá, Belén Irazusta, María José Tear. says:

    Prezi by Tadeo Helou: It was very good, the three of us enjoyed it. We loved the pictures! However, the main point is missing!!! You are misssing the metaphorical analysis.
    Youtube by Bruce Donald:

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