Essay by Nacho Rela

“Funeral Blues” is a great poem for a funeral. Do you agree?

        In the following essay I will explain why funeral Blues is a great poem for a funeral

        Firstly, this poem is very deep and expresses sorrow and sadness. In addition to this you can take this poem very personal. “Stop all the clocks (…) the pianos” the author asks for something impossible, such as stopping the time, after that he says “to bring the coffin let moaners came”; here he refers to a sad atmosphere because this man is dead.

Furthermore, there is a very personal phrase “he was my north, my south,  my east and west” this phrase is a very good line for a funeral since it expresses how sad he is. For the author this person was everything, it was the sense of his life

        In conclusion, this poem is great for a funeral, because  it is very personal and deep, also it expresses sadness and sorrow

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