Essay by Joaquín Olaizola


In the following essay I’ll write about symbolism in the book “The Great Gatsby” of Scott Fitzgerald.

First of all, he uses a lot of things to talk about the American situation at the moment like new rich because of illegal business. They dreamed with booming their economy. He symbolizes this with Gatsby’s dream with Daisy. “I was coming home when suddenly I saw Gatsby watching to a green light that was at the West Egg”.

Secound of all, Doctor`s Eckelburgs eyes symbolized God’s eyes. He worked with eyes, he had blue and gigantic eyes. When you entered to the Valley of Ashes you could see big propagandas of Dr. Eckelburg’s eyes. This mean that he could watch everything. “But above all the grey hand … , you perceive , after a moment, the eyes of Doctor T.J Eckelburg.”

At last, he uses the colours of people`s clothes to show how they were. Nick used white clothes because he was pure and honest. This Nick used it at Gatsby’s party. “Two girls in twin yellow dresses … Hello! They cried together.  ‘Sorry you didn`t win’”. They were arrogant and bad but happy. The yellow colour symbolized arrogance, happiness and badness.

In conclusion, he used symbolism to show different things about the characters of this book.

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