Using our creativity!

A person with  very different culture comes to Argentina to settle down here. Write a story pointing out the things he-she will have to get used to.

Use any of these tools to create a story. Then add the ling to this post.






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  1. correa perkins, del carril, di bella, sere says:

    we liked it a lot because although it was not that long, it was very fun and it really captured the essence of the topic. we also thought that it was very correct and appropiate for the subject. it was very nice

  2. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Vazquez y Tear says:

    We liked very much Luca’s and Nacho’s comic beacuse it was really funny.

  3. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Vazquez y Tear says:

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