Persecution of Minorities

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  1. Candelaria, Miranda, Amalia y Malena says:

    1)in our opinion the worst thigs that the Nazis did were the massive killings in different and cruel masive ways and they had no pity for any one.
    2)the final solution was the plan of the nazis to create a perfect race by killing everyone that wasnt in that race, the aryan race
    3) the gas chambers were huge rooms were prisoners were put in and a mortal gas was liberated, and everyone in that room was killed. it was an easy, quiker and cheaper way of killing

    we liked the information and pictures of the presentation, we thought it was very interesting

  2. Maru, Cata, Martu, Gitika says:

    In our opinion, the worst thing that the nazis did was the Final Solution and the gas chambers because the evil plan that was implemented was extremely harsh and the way that they killed them with the gas was cynical and it was a very painful process.
    The Final Solution was the mass murder of all jews in Germany to annihilate all jews to make them disappear by using violence.
    The gas chambers were used by putting carbon monoxide gas in the showers that once on,would efficiently kill all the jews inside.

  3. Mili Chloe Malu Cami says:

    1. Killing people for being different and that they separated lots of families and lied to them.
    2. The final solution was Hitler’s plan with the SS that consisted in killing all the jews
    3. The gas chambers were used to annihilate the Jews, they were like showers but instead of throwing water it threw poison gas, so the Jews were instantly killed.

  4. Luca and Nacho says:

    1)In our opinion the worst thing the Nazis did was to torture, hunt and make the jews’ lives impossible, because maybe for some jews after all they were gone through it was better to die because to keep living just meant keep suffering.
    2) The final solution was a plan Hitler had to erase the Jewish religion from Europe, this plan consisted in anihilating every single jew
    3) The Nazis put hundreds of Jews inside the gas chambers and then they released poison gas through some vents. this was very effective.

  5. Nacho Achaval Joaquin Gonzalez Narvaret says:

    The worst thing the nazi`s did was the killing of little girls and women, right after the killing of jews, blacks, gypsies, etc.
    The final solution, was the answer to the jew question, “what to do with them? The solution was to kill them all.
    Those gas chambers looked like bathrooms, jews were told they would have a bath and were killed with poisonous gas

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