Nazi Propaganda

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  1. Candelaria, Miranda, Amalia y Malena says:

    1) propaganda affected society because it gave society a completely different image of Hitler and the nazi regime. Propaganda lied to germans, and also it was one of the best methods that the nazis used to convince people of their ideas

    we didnt like this presentation because although the sources are good, the explanations were poor, moreover, they could have developed more because there topic was very intresting and had a lot of information

  2. Luca Lombardo and Nacho Salaverri says:

    Propaganda affected society because it imposed a new and unique way of thinking that altered their lifestyle and their everyday habits, it even affected the kids schools because they started bombarding the populations mind since they were young

  3. Ricardo, Manuel and Diogenes says:

    Nazi propaganda brainwashed peolpe’s way of thinking, because it was only thing that kept them informed. Nazi leaders controlled the media, and they could manipulate people’s opinion with it, mainly with propaganda. These ideas reached up to the point that most people in the society ended up adapting to Hitler’s opinion.

  4. Nacho Achaval y Joaquin Gonzalez Narvarte says:

    Nazi propaganda affected society because it was a constant brain washing to the society who always listened news or plans of Hitler at any hour.

  5. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Tear, Vazquez Avila says:

    Propaganda brainwashed society, they made them think that Hitler was doing the right thing. Propaganda was spread by Goebbels, he encouraged Germans to raise large families, with the Aryan race as predominant in Germany and in all europe.
    The Nazi propaganda warned the europeans that the non-Aryans were “sub-humans”.

  6. Mili Chloe Malu Cami says:

    Propaganda afeccted society because it damaged peoples thoughts and it was a method of brain washing the civilians. It stimulated them to vote Hitler and took away peoples posibilities for supporting another political party.

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