Women in Hitler´s Germany

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  1. Maru, martu Gitika, Cata says:

    In our opinion we dont agree much with the quote because we should be able to choose but we agree in the fact that having children and dedicating time to our homeds is important.
    We would partly agree that because some people would like to be housewifes and have children but we would still think we should have the rights to choose.
    We dont like the gold cross though it was effective.

  2. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Vazquez, Tear says:

    1) We don’t agree with the quotation beacuse it is a very chauvinism thought.
    2) We would feel discriminated, separated from society and confined to a house and a family whose husband would be probably at war.
    3) It was a very effective plan but it was very superficial.

  3. Luca and Nacho says:

    We think it is a good Prezi although we do not like the design because it includes a lot of examples such as the timetables but it would be good if it had more sources.
    1)We disagree because we think that women are an important part of our society and are just like men.
    2)We would feel discriminated against, segregated; that the policies are unfair and oppressive.
    3)No. We think that people should not be rewarded for having children because it is something you do if you like, not for privileges.

  4. del carril, Serè, correa perkins and di bella says:

    1) We believe the that the quote at the begging of the presentation expresses very well what Hitler thought about woman, however, we don’t agree with it since women world is as big as men`s. their houses, their husbands and their children are not their only concern, if they wanted they could do the same as man.
    2) If we were women during the Nazi regime we would have felt oppressed and limited because we couldn’t express our self, or do what we wanted, we could have only done what the Nazis wanted us to do, and not what we wanted. Moreover, we would have felt discriminated and prejudged because they didn’t give us a chance to show what we could do, and treated us as if we were inferior to them.
    3) We are in favour of it because it was a good way in which Hitler could make woman feel special, and that they could apport something to Germany, and they were privileged for what they did.

    We liked this presentation, but, it only showed how Hitler treated women and what he wanted from them, not how woman reacted to this.

  5. Nacho Achaval Joaquin Gonzalez Narvaret says:

    We fully agree with his quote, but if she is married with a working husband.
    I would have claimed for my rights if i were a woman in those times.

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