Nazi Resistance

Watch, Read and answer the questions

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  1. Maru, Martu, Gitika, Cata says:

    We believe that they did it because they wanted to defend their rights and they wanted to be able to choose because they were all germans and they had the right to make their own desicions.
    2. Some escaped and others hided.
    3.The nazis killed them and sent them to concentration camps.

  2. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Vazquez, Tear says:

    1) They thought that it was worth to defend their rights as german citizens even though the oppression they suffered was very harsh.
    2) The “Edelweiss Pirates” enjoyed beating members of the Hitler’s youth and mocking them. Both, The Edelweiss Pirates and The Swing Movement, did whatever they pleased about the practice of sex, which music they heard and which religion they were.
    3)Although they pissed Nazi members, they weren’t authorized to hurt the pirates, because they were future soldiers, in 1944 and order was sent to hang a group of the Edelweiss Pirates. Jewish people were killed, or sent to concentration camps in which they worked till they died.

  3. Chloe, Mili, Malaki y Camila says:

    1.They were tired about the nazis, they wanted to finish with all these so they expres their selfvs knowing that they could die.
    2.There were different resistence groups such as the swing movement or the edelweiss pirates which help peolple
    3. The people who were caught were killed, sent to concentration camps where they work sometimes until dying

  4. del carril, Serè, correa perkins and di bella says:

    1) We believe some people made resistance although they knew the consequences because they preferred to express what they thought, and maybe suffer the consequences, than to remain silent, and follow what they thought was wrong
    2) People resisted by making groups against the Nazis, and not respecting them, or not doing what the Nazi said
    3) The Nazis killed their opposition or made them suffer

    We didn’t like this presentation because it was very plane, the content wasn’t enough and sources didn’t helped us to understand better. Also, the questions were very easy, and the answers weren`t in the text

  5. Luca and Nacho says:

    We think this powerpoint could have more effort.
    1)We think they did that because they followed their ideas and did not want to be opressed.
    2)They fought the Nazis in the woods or oppossed them with their ideas. They did oppossing things to the Nazis.
    3)They killed the oppossitors of their regime or sent them to concentration camps and torture them.

  6. Ricardo, Diogenes and Manuel says:

    1)Why do you think some groups made a resistance against the Nazis knowing the possible consequences?
    – We think they made a resistance against the Nazis because they were against their ideas, and they preferred expresing their thoughts than to possibly suffer the consequences.
    2)How did the people resist?
    – The people that were against them resisted by creating movements such as “The Swing Movement” or “The Edelweiss Pirates”. This groups consisted in making everything that the Nazis prohibited like open thoughts about sex, and English music, and letting Jews entering bars and public places.
    3)What actions did the Nazis take against resistance?
    – If the resistant people were caught, they were sent to concentration camps, where you had to work for hours, and then you were sent to gas chambers and tortured. They were also hanged publicly.

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