Hitler and Young people


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If had been a young person at that time, would you have been a Hitler youth?


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6 Responses to Hitler and Young people

  1. Maru, Cata, Martu, Gitika says:

    In our opinion, we would have been members of the Hitler Youth because we would have not known what had hàppened later. Plus at school we would have learnt to be loyal to Hitler and that whatever he did it was for the good of Germany as we saw in the slide show. In the slide show there were two sources the girls incluided in which it showed what children learnt at that age at school. What is more, if you opposed hitler or your parents it would be sure that you would end up in concentration camps or you would have to escape.

  2. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Tear, Vazquez Avila says:

    Yes, because they were taught that Jews were animals, and that the perfect race were the Aryans since childhood in school. They were brainswashed by their teachers, so they had no other opinions than to worship Hitler. So, they joined the Nazi Youth thinking that it was the right thing to do.

  3. Luca and Nacho says:

    We think it all depends on our parents but we feel identified with the sense of order and having good health. On the other side, I do not like the brainwashing they did

  4. Mili Chloe Malu Cami says:

    Malu: If i had had an idea of what was happening and of what hitler did, i would have not followed him for sure.
    Chloe: Yes i would because the fear wouldnt let me do another thing.
    Mili: I believe that being so young I would do what my pearents told me to do and at that time everyone was so scared that they didnt have another option to send me there.
    Camila: I think that i would go to the Hitler youth but for sure i would never agree with all what the Nazis did.

  5. Lucas Demaria y Lucio Urso says:

    yes, of course. Hitler showed his ideas in a way that seemed positive. Camping and outside life would have seemed like a good idea. But i would have probabbly quit when more violent policies were introduced.

  6. Nacho Achaval says:

    Yes, i like SOME of his ideas, but i`d had quitted when his hatred towards non-aryan people was revealed

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