Companies that rose thanks to Hitler´s Germany

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Do you think these companies are to blame for anything?

How would you have felt if you had been the founder of one of them and then found out the truth about the Regime?

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7 Responses to Companies that rose thanks to Hitler´s Germany

  1. Maru, Martu, Gitika says:

    Martu, Maru and Giti believe that the companies were to blame because they knew that they were using people making them work in bad conditions and exploting their abilities and not even getting paid. What is more they knew that they were using people to make money and once this people were no more useful they would send them to kill. We would have felt guilty if we had not known about the nazi regime because it would have been to much guilt in our head.

  2. Chloe, Mili, Malaki y Camila says:

    1) We think that some companies had to blame for some things. For example, as the power point shows: During war time, Hugo Boss used 180 war prisioners to work in his factories and kept bad working conditions in all it’s factories. Also, he provided uniforms for the SS and the National Socialist Party, this is a demostration that the were in favour of Hitler’s Regime and took advantage of it for their products to be sold.
    2)Although in our opinion they knew something about the Regime, If we had been a founder of one of those companies at that time, we would have ended any relation with Hitler and he’s Nazi Regime

  3. Candelaria, Miranda, Amalia y Malena says:

    1) Yes we believe that they are partly to blame, because although they didn’t intervene directly with the war or the massive killings, they took advantage of the situation. for example Hugo Boss used prisoners in his factories in which he kept bad conditions, and didn’t pay them Others knew what was happening but they didn’t try to stop it.
    2) We would have felt embarrassed, regretful and ashamed

    We liked the presentation because it has clear information and well summarized, moreover we liked the design

  4. Anonymous says:

    1) yes, we believe that they are partly to blame because although they didnt intervein directly on the war or in massive killings, they took advantage of the situation. for example, Hugo Boss, used prisoners to work in his factories, in which they kept horrible conditions.

    2)we would have felt embarrased and regreteful because of what we had done

    we really liked this presentation, the information was clear and well summarized and also, it was very well designed

  5. Carreira, Nardi, Posse, Vazquez, Tear says:

    These companies helped the Nazis to achieve power, giving citizens cheap useful stuff, so the people’s morale was high.
    If we would have been the founders of one of these companies, we would feel used and humiliated because we have cooperated with these holocaust.

  6. Luca and Nacho says:

    1) We think this companies are to blame for something because they knew what the Nazis did but still aproved and advantadge of the things they did.
    2) I would feel really bad because I would have colaborated with the Nazis and also because every product I design were made by “slaves”

  7. Nacho Achaval Joaquin Gonzalez Narvaret says:

    No, not all of them are to blame, because some of them didn`t know the truth about the regime. I would have gone mad if i found out the truth by someone rather than hitler himself

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