The Great Gatsby

So far, we have read three chapters.

Answer these questions. Account for your answers. 

Do you think Nick and Jordan will get married?

Do you think Gatsby enjoys his own parties?

Do you think Daisy will leave Tom and will run away with her daughter?


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12 Responses to The Great Gatsby

  1. 1. i really don’t think they will get married because nick didn’t like jordan because she is disonest and for nick a woman being disonest is the wors thing, on the other side love can all and jordan can change this og been disonest, because he aalways hopes to find her or find a friend or but not
    3. no because in that moment was bad seen a woman unmarried and because if not if wouldn’t be “important” in the society

  2. Emi Molmenti says:

    1.Do you think Nick and Jordan will get married?
    Yes, because they had kiss in the begining and they talk a lot and althought Nick thinks he is superficial and a liar he likes her because if not he wouldn´t had kiss her”I wasn’t thinking of Daisy and Gatsby any more,but of this clean, hard, limited person” He thinks Jordan is superficial, a limited person. “Her wan,scornful mouth smiled, and so I drew her up again closer, this time to my face”. This is the description that nick says, to say he had kissed Jordan.
    2.Do you think Gatsby enjoys his own parties?
    No, because he don’t make it, for enjoy it, he does it only to see if Daisy appears”I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties,some night”Jordan and Nick are talking and jordan said that, she explained that Gatsby only made the partys, so that one day Daisy would come.
    3.Do you think Daisy will leave Tom and will run away with her daughter?
    I dont think so, because divorced was bad seen and to leave your husband I think it would be terrible for that time. I think that maybe she will kiss him but then she will be sorry for making that. And also she doesnt even think about that´, “It seemed to me that the thing for Daisy to do was to rush out of the house, childin arms-but apparently there were no such intentions in her head” Nick thought about this idea but he realiced, Daisy didn’t want to.

  3. sebastian borda says:

    I think that Nick and Jordan will get married in the future because they get along very well.
    No, I don’t think that Gatsby enjoys his own parties because he never gets out and chat with other people he just waits for Daisy to come to one of his parties.
    Yes, I think that Gatsby will convince her to go live with him maybe because she feels confortable with Gatsby when they get to met each other better and remember how they both loved each other when they were young.

  4. Mili Zubizarreta says:

    Do you think Nick and Jordan will get married?
    No , because they have just met and they don’t know each other that much but maybe later on in the book if the get to know each other and fall in love they might.

    Do you think Gatsby enjoys his own parties?
    I don’t think he does because he is never really in his parties he only throws them to get daisy to go and since she doesn’t go he doesn’t enjoy them.

    Do you think Daisy will leave Tom and will run away with her daughter?
    No , I don’t think she will because it wasn’t well seen for a woman to be divorced back then and if she did she would have no where to go

  5. Maria Jose Tear says:


    1) Married I don´t think so, but what I think is that they would date.
    2) Gatsby doesn´t enjoy parties, because he does it for Daisy to come. So like Daisy never came he doesn´t have fun. He also doesn´t have fun because he doesn´t know any guests.
    3) No, because in that time it wasn´t common, so if she do it she would be seen bad in the society-

  6. 1-No, I think they will be very good friends, but they won’t get married.
    2-No, he does those parties to see if Daisy is there.
    3-Yes, I think she will, but doing it with Gatsby.

  7. agustin says:

    1- yes, I think tat they will get married because they like each other and nick is daisy`s cousin and jordan is her best friend. Jordan and nick are very involved with gatsby but they didn`t konw why but they will later know.
    2- no, because he makes the party`s just to see again daisy but in all the parties that he had madehe never saw daisy. so he did no enjoy his parties.
    3- no, i don`t think so because in the 1920`s it was bad seen to divorced from your husband or run out. So if she run out of his house and someone discovered her she will be seen very bad in the society.

  8. Federico Tear says:

    i don’t think so, i think it’s just a shot relationship without any future.

    yes, that’s why he is doing it.

    no, because she will be look very bad in the society and for her is very important to be well.

  9. belu irazusta says:

    1)i dont think so, becuase they are just knowing each other. another reason i dont think so is that Nick thinks Jordan is not a honest person, and he hates that.
    2) i think before he didnt enjioy it because the party werre only to meet Daisy or someone that know her, and for a long time he didnt so he enojed his parties.
    3) i dont know , because in that time it wasnt so easy to divorce from yuor couple. but in the other hand i think Daisy wants to leave tom and go with gatsby, that she really loves him.

  10. Sofia Teran says:

    1) I think that there is a possibility that they get married at they very end of the book , but Jordan is so concentrate in the problem of Gatsby and daisy that maybe the relationship between nick and Jordan dose not works like nick would like to and they separate.
    2) No , because for the only reason he dose them is to see if he find daisy or someone that knows her and the only person that he found was Jordan a friend of daisy but he never found daisy
    3) Yes , because after seeing again Gatsby and after she talked with him for a while, she realized that she has wasted many years of her life being with someone who didn’t love her and respect her, when she could have been with someone who would respect and love her

  11. Antonia Flores Piran says:

    Do you think Nick and Jordan will get married?
    No I think they will be just good friends and will kiss each other some times.

    Do you think Gatsby enjoys his own parties?
    No because he don`s see Daisy, he will enjoy them when he see Daisy there.

    Do you think Daisy will leave Tom and will run away with her daughter?
    No, because at that time it was bad seen, and also because she didn`t think about it.

  12. francisco okecki says:

    1) I think that to confirm that we need to continue reading abaut that because is something new. Nick sais that he love her but we dont´t know how much jordan loves nick.
    2)I thinck that no because he only does those parties to see if daisy apears. while the party is going on he is only looking for somethig and when he don´t find her he is disapointed.
    3)No, because leaving your housband was very bad seen so she will lose all her social reputation.

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