Opposition to the Nazis

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Based on what you have read and on this video, tell us what you think.

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3 Responses to Opposition to the Nazis

  1. Gitika says:

    In this video it is clear the way in which the nazis dealt against oppossition. Sophie tried to tell everyone along her brothers what were the nazis doing and try to spread it out. But when you are caught you don’t get a fair trial as courts are loyal to Hitler. I feel it’s totally unfair and the way in which they punnish innocent people is heart-breaking.

  2. Pedro Nardi says:

    People who opposed the Nazis, as it is showed by printing and distributing letters telling people what the Nazis were doing, had to front the consequences of being arrested and probably sentensed to death. As it happens to Sophie who was arrested and suddenly as there was so much evidence against her she confessed. The sentence was usually done 99 days after trial but in this case the sentence was the same day. If you went on trial you won’t have any chances to go free because the court was loyal to Hitler.
    In this video is perfectly showed how the Nazis acted towards people who opposed them, by not giving a fair trial to Sophie and her brothers, in this case, and by sentence them to death.

  3. Diogenes Dietrich says:

    To my view, this video shows how unfair Nazi Germany was and how “blind” Nazi supporters were towards the current situation. Sophie Scholl was a student, and what she was doing was something forbidden in Nazi Germany: the freedom of speech. She was being realist, as she was clever and knew what would happen. Secretly, she tried to make people realize what was going on: if things continued being carried out as they were, Germany was not going to win the war. Together with her brother, she went to the University of Berlin carrying with them two suitcases that had loads of letters that expressed their opposition towards the Nazis. However, they could not escape without being noticed and were caught. In trial, their opinion was neither respected nor listened, which was very unfair, and were sentenced to death. At that time, it was normal for the sentence to be carried out 99 days later, but for them it was done on the same day, which was also very unfair.

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