Journey`s End

Watch this video.

Is this what happened in the play?

What is your opinion of this scene?

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10 Responses to Journey`s End

  1. The scene is like the book. But in the part where stanhope and hibbert fight is an exaggeration. The scene shows who stanhope first fight with hibbert and then he help him with this situation, and he told him he feels the same. Also the scene shows who Stanhope was when he drank. The scene is very similar to the book.

  2. Belen Irazusta says:

    yes i think that it is exacly the same.
    for me it is a very good scene because we can see that same soldiers were very afraid. it is a very tension scene.hibbert also understand that he is not the only one that fells that way, that also stanhope feels that way.

  3. This video is the same as what you read in the book.All the things we read appeared there and also you can notice Syanhope’s personality when he is angry and then he feels compassive with Hibbert.
    In my opinion the scene is very well done and the actors act as I imagened they would while I read the book.

  4. Fran Okecki says:

    Yes, I thinck they are very similar because when I watched the video I remembered what happened between hibbert and Stanhope because of the problem that Hibbert had that it ended up being fear.

  5. Yes, it was eactly what happened in the play.
    What I think of this scene is that is firstly, that it very important because Stanhope made Hibbert understand that NOBODY WAS GOING HOME BEFORE THE ATTACK either he liked it or not. Secondly, I think that it was good for Hibbert to know that he was not the only one there who was afraid and finally I think that this scene is very interesting for the reader because she/he can notice the different ways soldiers who were afraid behaved.

  6. Emi Molmenti says:

    yes, it was what happened in the play.
    I think this scene is great because here is when Hibbert fight with Stanhope,I aldo think that it is a very important scene because Hibbert realized he is not the only one afraid of war, that also the comander was afraid of it.

  7. agustin campion says:

    yes this happened in the play.
    I think that this is a very important scene because it`s when hibbert realize that he is not the only one that is afraid.

  8. Sofia Teran says:

    yes , it´s exactly the same
    well I think that this scene has many tension because Stanhope says to hibbert that he knew that he was ling and Hibbert didn’t admitted up to the moment when Stanhope threaten him with shooting him with the gun and saying that was an accident
    also in the other side Stanhope shows a part from him that we never saw up to tha moment were he told to hibbert that he would help him to face all this situation and like in some way he shows that he cares about hibbert

  9. Federico Tear says:

    This is not entirely what happened in the play. Stanhope does not fight with Hibbert on the floor. So this is an exaggeration. I think that this scene is good, but not real. I also think that the author of this play tries to show us how crazy Stanhope goes when he is very drunk. Also, how tension was the situation at war.

  10. Joaco Diaz Walker says:

    Yes,this is what happened in the scene.
    The scene is great, because Stanhope combines anger with compassion. He is first very angry because Hibbert tells he has neuralgia, but he hasn´t. I think what Hibbert wants to do is very disgraceful. Stanhope, in the second act, says that he couldn´t go to war without drinking alcohol, revealing his cowardice. At the same time he admits his own fear of war and identifies with Hibbert´s desire to escape from war.

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