The Great Gatsby

If you were a film director and had to choose the cast for The Great Gatsby movie, who would you choose for the role of:

a. Daisy?

b. Tom?

c. Nick?

d. Myrtle?

e. George Wilson?

f. Jordan?

g. Gatsby?

Account for your choice of actors and actresses.

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12 Responses to The Great Gatsby

  1. Luca says:

    Daisy: Nicole Kidman she seems just as the description in the book
    Tom: Arnold Schwarzenegger because he fits the description of a huge body
    Nick: Huge Grant
    Myrtle: Renee Zelweger because she is not really cute but she can be pretty sometimes
    Jordan: Ashley Tisdale because she fits the description of a real sportswoman
    Gatsby: Johnny Deep because he is really good at playing mysterious from whom we never know the absolut truth
    George Wilson: Ben Stiller because he usually plays the looser character

  2. Nacho Salaverri says:

    a. Daisy: Kate Winslet, because she fits Daisy´s description and is a good actress.
    b. Tom:Jason staham, because he interpretates violent characters.
    c. Nick: george clooney, because he can play intelligent characters.
    d. Myrtle:Angelina Jolie because she in my opinion she is not a pretty person but has something attractive and Myrtle is described like that.
    e. George Wilson:Richard Geere, because he can act as a humble guy and fool.
    f. Jordan:Julia Roberts because she is a great actress and can interpretate any character.
    g. Gatsby: Johnny Deep because he is a really interesting person and actor such as Gatsby is in the story.

  3. Gitika says:

    1. For Nick I would choose Ben Stiller because he is good looking and he looks like a “normal” guy who could be nick narrating the story
    2.For the role of Daisy I would choose Keira Knightley because she is very beautiful and when I see her I imagine Daisy.
    3.Anne Hathaway would perfectly fit in the role of Jordan or Disy although she is not blond she is very beautiful and looks elegant.
    4.Hayden Leslie Panettiere would look nice in Myrtle’s role ’cause she it attractive and in her look I can see that she would act well like the one who goes with another man and all that..
    5.In the role of Tom Buchanan, I think George Clooney would be just right. He gives the impression of a being old but very elegant,serious, like the wealthy man like tom in 1920s and I imagine him perfect for toms role
    6.For the role of Gatsby I would choose maybe Leonardo Di Caprio, but i am not very sure about it because it doesn’t convince me fully, but I can’t think for now of anopther option
    7. For the role of George Wilson I have no ideaaa..

  4. Pedro Nardi says:

    If I were a film director and had to choose the cast for The Great Gatsby movie, I would choose for the role of:
    a. Daisy: I Would choose Charlize Theron I think she would fit right in the character and she is beautiful.
    b. Tom: I Would choose Jeremy Renner he seems to be just like Tom and I can imagine him as racist, and as a man who has an affair with another woman among other things.
    c. Nick: Edward Norton I do not why I just can imagine him acting as Nick, he is a great actor and I believe he could act perfectly Nick as a well educated man who fought for his country.
    d. Myrtle: I think I would choose Angelina Jolie because she is very sensual
    e. George Wilson: I would choose Mackenzie Crook he is more suitable for a comedy but he fits perfectly with the fisical description.
    f. Jordan: Amy Smart because she is pretty and she acted in a lot well-known movies
    g. Gatsby: I would choose Viggo Mortensen because he acted in the movie Eastern Promises and he acted in a mysteriously just as Gatsby.

  5. malena di bella says:

    a. Daisy: Amanda Seyfried: Because she is a beautiful blond girl and acts very well, and she “matches” with Daisy’s personality.
    b. Tom: Arnold Schwarzzenewwer because he is very strong and powrful and he could perfectly do Tom’s character.
    c. Nick: Kevin Mc Hale: because he is a great actor and cant act different type of people.
    d. Myrtle: Drew Barrimore. Because she is sexy although she is not the thinner actress and she could act those two different lifestyles Myrtle has.
    e. George Wilson: Dustin Hoffman. Because his face shows humilty and he is thin and innocent.
    f. Jordan: Cameron Diaz.
    g. Gatsby: Richard Geer. Because he can be very romantic and his face can show many different personalities.

  6. Manuel Van Peborgh says:

    Daisy: Cristina Aguilera
    Tom: Bruce Willis
    Nick: Aston Kutcher
    George Wilson: Steve Buscemi
    Myrtle: Brooke Elliot
    Jordan: Anne Hathaway
    Gatsby: Charlie Sheen

  7. valentin tear says:

    a)Megan Fox
    b)Chris Evans
    c)Nicolas Cage
    d)Courtney Cox
    e)Liam Neson
    f)Eva Mendes
    g)Robert Downey jr

  8. Chloe Taylor says:

    Daisy: Jennifer Aniston
    Tom: Tom Cruise
    George Wilson: Owen Wilson
    Nick: Hugh Grant
    Myrtle: Nicole Kidman
    Jordan: Angelina Jolie
    Gatsby: Jack Nicholson

  9. miri correa says:

    daisy: i would choose keira knitley beacause she looks classy and elegant and appropiate for daisys character
    tom: gerard butler because he has a strong, harsh look like tom
    nick: chris evans, he looks naive and honest
    myrtle: nia vardalos because eventhough she is not so pretty or skinny she is very sensual
    wilson: gerard depardieu, because he really looks like a modest man that would never suspect of his wife or anithing
    jordan:kristen bell she looks like a gossip person an the jordan type
    gatsby: johnny depp because he has a misterious face and a clever face

  10. Nick: Mark Wahlberg (because he acts well)
    Gatsby: Johnny Depp (because he usually acts in movies mysteriously, and Gatsby is very mysterious)
    Tom: Vin Diesel (because he is a very tough man)
    George Wilson: Adam Sandler (because he can act creepy, as wilson is)
    Daisy: Jennifer Aniston (becuase she acts well)
    Jordan: Jessica Alba (because she’s pretty, the book says Jordan is pretty)
    Myrtle: Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends, becuase she acts well)

  11. cande del carril says:

    If I was a film director and had to choose the cast for great Gatsby movie, I would choose:
    A- For the role of daisy I would choose Kate Winslet because she is very elegant, beautiful and looks like a traditional woman.
    B- For the role of tom I would choose vin disel, because he is brawny, looks like an ex football player and seems to be shallow
    C- For nick I would choose Penn Badgley (gossip girl) because he doesn’t call peoples attention, he is very “normal”
    D- For the role of myrtle I would choose Renée Zellweger, because she is chubby but looks sexy, and she is perfect for that role
    E- For the role of George Wilson I would choose Mike O’Malley because he looks like a poor worker, and a little stupid. Also he is fat, has blue eyes and is bald
    F- For the role of Jordan I would choose Blake lively because she is thin, tall beautiful, looks like a careless woman which likes to go to parties
    G- And for the role of Gatsby I would choose Leonardo di caprio, because he looks mysterious, and has a very beautiful smile, and Gatsby’s smile is described as a very particular one.

  12. catalina says:

    daisy- reese witherspoon, because she is very sweet and when i think of daisy i imagine someone like reese.
    tom- brad pit because he is like tom, what i mean is like i imagine brad pit as tom because i think he is perfect for that character
    nick- david henrie because he is a good person and a gentelman just like nick.
    myrtle- ashley tisdale, because she is as glamorous as myrtle and i think she is perfect for the character
    jordan- vanessa hudgens, because she is beautiful and i imgine her as jordan baker.
    gatsby- leonardo di caprio, first because he fits perfect fot gatsby and i can imagine him as gatsby 🙂

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