Journey’s End!

So far, what calls your attention about life in the trenches?

Which of the characters seems to be more attractive and why?

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  1. Juan Ignacio López Vargas says:

    So far, what calls your attention about life in the trenches?

    Which of the characters seems to be more attractive and why?

    What calls my atenttion about that life is the lack of healthy they had. I think many people died of diceases later, and many people suffered the unhealthiness during the war. The trenches provided very pour healthy for their soldiers and that was what they felt more.

    Osbrone calls my attention because he is the oldest and more experienced, not only at war, also he is very experienced on life.He feels the father of most of the soldiers.

  2. Nacho Rela says:

    So far, what calls your attention about life in the trenches?

    Which of the characters seems to be more attractive and why?

    What calls my attention about life in trenches.was full of rats,beds were very uncomfortable and short. bad condition.unhealthy in almost everywhere you were and the life seems to be like in prison. for me, Stanhope is very attractive in way that he changes his mind a lot through the story. When he is drunk he acts of a way, or if he is surprised of the results, like he shown in the letter of Raleigh, shows another face.

  3. Nico Araya says:

    The thing which most calls my attention, are the stuff they talk about in the trench. They talk about day-day routines because if they talk about war, they will get very depressed and they won’t have strenght to go to the dug-out or they could get afraid, like when Stanhope talks about the million German bullets going out of they dug-out.
    For me, the most attractive character is Raleigh,because he is just going out of school and because people in the trench, like Osborne, talk good about him.

  4. Francisca Muller says:

    Life in the trenches was hard, and difficult. Olthough you have the nessesary things to live, you were living in a dirty place, with rats,and under the ground. With not enough light. And apart the material things, let’s consider the pressure and nerves that soldiers felt constantly, knowing that any moment they could be attacked.
    The character that calls my attention is Stanhope. It’s interesting the way that he use to get distract of the problems. And apart of the big problem of being at war, he was worried about what his family would think if they notice he was an alcoholic.

  5. Belen Irazusta says:

    i think life in the trenches was very difficult and bad.They were very small and all dirty. the soldiers coudn`t sleep very well and it was full of rats the place with a lot of humidity. it also called my attention the things they talked about, the things were so stupid and they didn`t have importance.
    for me the best character is Osborne. i like the way he is and the role of father that he had in the trenches. i like also the way of lisening to each person and giving them tips for their problems. i like the way he talks to Stanhope and the things he said him. he has a lot of expirence and is the oldest in the trench.

  6. Joaco Diaz Walker says:

    I think life in the trenches was very difficult because of their conditions, I think it would be horrible not to see your family forthree or four months.

    I think Hardy is the best character because he is very ironic and he makes a lot of jokes, I think that he set the readers (us) in the scene. Another good character for me is Stanhope because he has a relation with Raleigh’s sister and should make him control his alcohol addiction, but he says that he could never go and fight without being drunk.

  7. joaco olaizola says:

    There were lots of possibilities to catch illnesses in the trenches and the rats that were there were very big, as big as cats. Most of the rats had ilnesses and if they bit you in the leg they have to amputate your leg. Or you could have lot of illnesses becauseof the cold water that was in the trenches.
    Osborne because he is the oldest and he has lot of experence at war. He inspire the sldiers that were afraid.

  8. agustin says:

    the life in the trenches was difficult, because the trenches were unhealthy and many parts of it with mud.
    the character that calls my the attention more because he was more attractive was stanhope because he is the commander of the battalion and he drinks whisky to forgot about war because if not he will be scared.

  9. What most calls my attention were the bad conditions were soldiers lived in the trenches especially because they were very dark and small. Also, the rats that were round them due to they were very big and they carried lots of illnesses. Finally, they gave lot of importance to small things (food)while giving less priority to important things when war with Germany was approaching.
    Hardy was the character that seems to be more attractive for me because he was very humourous and he’s a very good speaker.

  10. Emi Molmenti says:

    That they were very small but it had the nesessary things like food,boots,clothes,arms and it had also beds and where to it I though before reding Jouneys End that it had food an like a place to sleep but without bed like in the floor, but now I realice that the trenches are small houses.
    I like very much Stanhope because of his story that it was that without alchol he couldnt be a good comander so he didnt want to go home because of that so Raleighs sister was wainting him but Stanhope says that she didnt knew what she was waiting for so before she knew when the war end he would go to fix him and then go to her so as Raleigh came to his battalion, his plan couldnt be done because he knew Releigh would tell her his problem in a letter so he dicided to cencor them.
    Another character I like is Obsorne because I think he is a very good guy because when it is tension time he talks of another completly diferent topic, or sometimes he act like a dad or maybe he is talking with a sweet voice no matter who you are. He is the oldest so thats why he do this type of thing because he had live this type of things.

  11. federico tear. says:

    What calls my attention is that a lot of people lived in a place that was full of rats, and all the place had a horrible smell, and the beds were very uncomfortable and short.

    Osborne, because he’s the oldest and has a lot of experience, and because of that he can give us a good view about the other carachters.

  12. delfinasubira says:

    What calls my attention about life in the trenches is the way that they put a part their differences and respect the others to “live” in peace, the convivence. Another thing that calls my attention is that they talk about everyday topics to get distracted and exaple is the weather.

    Osborne, because he is a great person and the older soldier and that gaves him a lot of experience, he take care of everyone and he never complains.He evcen help Stanhope that is the captain.

  13. Sofia Teran says:

    Well the life in the trenches is not very good because there the soldiers couldn’t sleep well and there were many rats in them but what it calls my attention is that the soldiers always tried to think in better things and talk about their families so that no everything was bad and find a little bit of joy

    I think that hardy because hes like very irinic but he gaves you very intresting information about the others charactes and like he makes the other soldiers to react in a way that makes you want to keep reading to know what the soldier would say

  14. María José Tear, says:

    sory! just me. What calls my atenttion is that in the trenches all the little things that in real life were not important; in war became very important.
    Osborne, because he is the oldest one, helps a lot the others soldiers and acts like a father, because he had passed all the things that the others soldiers are passing.

  15. Antonia Flores Piran says:

    What calls my attention about life in trenches is that they didn’t have many things to do, so if there was a little problem they do it like if it was a big one, and another thing that calls my attention about life in the trenches was that they were very dirty, gloomy, and muddy. The character that seems to be more attractive is Osborne, because he is the older one and the one that has more experience, because he had already leave that.

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