Comment on this source!

This poster of 1932 says: ‘Hitler – our last hope’


1. Was Hitler Germany’s last hope?

2. Can you suggest a different option?

3. Can you find another source that supports the one given?

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  1. valentin tear says:

    1: no, hitler was not the last option, he made the people belive that so that he could gain votes.

    2:they should vote for someone like stressman, but there werent so much choices.

  2. catalina says:

    1- maybe, because the country felt betrayed by the weimar republic, and hitler felt what people felt and the people thought that hitler understand them.
    2- they didnt have much options because people didint like communist neither the weimar republic so hitler was the las hope

  3. Amalia Seré says:

    1)Hitler wasn’t the last hope for Germany, but with their commitment, energy and power, he attracted people’s attention, because he gave them what the wanted, so the other parties started to lose their votes.
    2)Another option was Stressmann who had established germany’s goverment.

  4. Milagros says:

    1. Hitler wasnt Germany last option but he offered the people what they really wanted, a job, a house and food. As the other parties were more interested in making Germany recover from war they started to loose the votes of the people.
    2. For me another option would be that the democracy should have get more involved in the people opinion and so they would have more votes, because it was the best way of government.

  5. miri correa says:

    1)it wasnt the only hope left for the country, but people saw him as his last hope because they didnt like the other parties
    2)for me a differnt opinion could have been a lot of things, but people maybe thought that hitler was their only hope for bringing Germany to their feet again

  6. candelaria del carril says:

    1) hitler was their last hope because it was their only option, the dindt like the weimar republic, te didnt like de communist, hitler, was the only option left, also they liked him, he was good at convencing people, and people liked him.

    2)In my opinion there wasnt another option because people didnt like communst party, and the democratic sistem didnt work well, so yes hitler was germany last hope

    3) i found a soruce in wich is writen”Germany’s liberation”,%2BAustin%2BCline,%2BAdolf%2BHitler,%2BNazi,%2BAtheism,%2BChristian%2Bapologetics,%2BGod,%2BBible,%2BJesus%2B…..jpg&imgrefurl=,r:2,s:100&tx=71&ty=42

  7. Lucas Demaria says:

    In my opinion, Hitler was germany’s last hope because at that time he was the only strong lider who could lead Germany out of the crisis. However, he was too violent and racist; abd did horrible things.
    The ideal option would be a strong leader who could guide the country to prospertiy. But this leader shouldn’t have been so violent and shoul have had a great sence of ethic.

  8. Lucio Urso says:

    if I had been a German at this time for promises and speeches would have voted for him and convince me that he would be best for Germany.

  9. catalina says:

    i think it wasnt their last hope but he was the best option they had, and i think if the farmers feared the commmunist most of the people would think that he was the best option and the only ones who didint approve hitler were the ones who wanted communism back so… i fianly think that for the farmers he was the best option and for the communists he wasn’t.

  10. Diógenes Dietrich says:

    I think Hitler was very good at making people believe in him so he made the German people think he was really their last hope. However I think he was not their last hope because he tricked the population to vote him promissing many things which didn’t come true.
    A different option to Hitler could have been a government which helped their poor people offering jobs but without discriminating certain groups like the Nazis did.
    The words in German mean: “Labor and bread with Nationalsocialism on List 1”. This was a propaganda which promised jobs and food so that the poor people would vote the Nazis.

  11. Pedro Nardi says:

    1. Yes because He had very strong ideas that could be for the germans their last hope like:
    As the Weimar government did not was the best idea for a lot of germans they should have a strong leader.
    The abolition of the Treaty of Versailles.
    Let the unemployed join the army, build Germany’s armaments and be used for public works.
    The Nazis’ Twenty-Five Points were very good ideas for those who were more affected by the depression. And then Hitler blamed the Allies, the “November Criminals” and the jews for all the bad caused in Germany during that period of time.

    2. It seem that the ideas Hitler had were very good, in his own way he tried to do the first thing that it should be done recover Germany. He also seemed to use a kind of violence that I would never use, in his place, against jews, homosexuals, and more. But I also think he was the strong leader that helped with the recovery of Germany although at my actual point of view I think he did a lot of bad things to get the points he wanted to archive.

    3. This source is the one I found it says “Workers, the end, the fist select the front-line soldiers” that is more refered to the unemployed that should go and join the army:

  12. Richi Levene says:

    1) Hitler was Germany´s last hope, because the people feared the communists and didn´t like the weymar republic, so he was the only way out.
    2) No, I can´t because I agree with the source because he promised the best.
    3) It was difficult for me to find one; It may be this one:

  13. malena di bella says:

    Hi Pato
    1. I think Hitler was german’s last hope because they didn’t want the communist party to win.
    2. The other option was communism but which happened to be the most hatred by everyone
    3. I didn’t find a GREAT source, but I think that the one I chose says a lot. Here i send you the link and the description:,r:6,s:198&biw=986&bih=420
    Background: This widely distributed Nazi pamphlet first appeared in 1929. I am working from a 1932 copy, and have not compared it with the first version, but it does not look as if significant changes were made as it was reissued. The title, loosely translated, is “Those Damned Nazis.” Literally, it translates as something like “those cursed swastika lads,” but that does not really work in English. At least several hundred thousand copies were printed. It is a good summary of the basic lines of Nazi propaganda just before Hitler’s takeover in 1933. The booklet included five cartoons by Mjölnir, Goebbels’ cartoonist, three of which I include here. Mjölnir also produced some of the most familiar Nazi posters.

    The source: Joseph Goebbels and Mjölnir, Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken (Munich: Verlag Frz. Eher, 1932).

  14. Tomas Posse says:

    1-Maybe because the country was poor they didn´t like the democracy and Hitler said that he would make Germany a successful country again.
    2-yes,if germany remained a democracy they could arrive to an agreement with the allis. OR just working hard an start traiding she could recover from her self.
    Is the source number 7

  15. Nacho Salaverri says:

    In a way he was because he was the only one that gave hope and strength thanks principally to the nazi´s propaganda, but there was also the communist party that first, was the favourite and won elections. this source doesn´t talk about hitler being the last hope but shows a nazi giving work, and this would give them bread and it´s a poster for an election.

  16. ManueL VaN PeborGh says:

    1)Yes, because all the other options were even worse. Hitler was the best option by far from the three.
    2)There wasnt. People voted for Hitler because he was the lesser of all evils
    This is a SOURCE that says: “Hitler our last hope”

  17. Gitika Anil Manwani says:

    1.In my opinion,Hitler was not the last hope for Germany. The problem was actually that the german people could not find the correct political party because there was not one, and if there were more apart from the communists and the democracy, they may not be perfect because there is nothing totally perfect. So, the Nazi Party what did was too take advantage of the situation of Germany, in which the democracy did not solve problems and made them worst, and the communist party, which people were afraid of because they knew about what had happened in USSR. So the less worst was the Nazi, and Hitler whenever he spoke he gave the message that he would offer stability, power, work and become successful like they were before and had the same dislikes that the people had.
    2.Actually, in that moment in Germany there were not many options. Maybe there should have been a partyb which had some dislikes that the people had but also to aim the same things in a way that it is good for Germany and her people but is realistic because of the situation. The democracy is a good system but it had to pay more attention to the people and not to their own pockets.
    [Hitler’s policies] were half-baked, racist clap-trap… but among the jumble of hysterical ideas Hitler showed a sure sense of how to appeal to the lowest instincts of frightened masses.

    Tony Howarth, a modern historian.

  18. 1) In my opinion, Germany’s last hope was a dictatorship but not something mad as Hitler’s government. Germany needed someone who could lead the country to prosperity but without attacking other countries as Hitler did.
    2) Another option in my opinion could be Stresseman, but as he was dead Germans should have voted someone with similar characteristics and views: not someone as Hidenburg.
    3) Here I leave the link, hope you can open it.
    The source shows Hitler’s last step needed to get to power, which was to win the elections.

  19. Joaquin says:

    i think it wasn’t the last hope but was the most convenient because Hitler propose lots of interesting things. a different option was to had a government made by the citizens. That the people decided how they want to be governed.

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