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The Moving Finger by Edith Wharton

The Moving Finger: text After reading part 3 and 4, answer the following questions: 1. Make a summary of part 3 and Part 4 2. Why did Grancy have the portrait changed? Find a quote to prove your answer 3. … Continue reading

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Popular Mechanics

After reading the story, read the following article Analysis 1) What makes  Raymond Carver’s Popular Mechanics a postmodern short story? your answer must be based on the handout discussed in class. 2) Write a few lines about the following elements … Continue reading

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The Phoenix

After reading and debating the story in class, watch these videos: At the end of video 2, you are presentaed with essay questions Choose 1 and write an essay for May 2

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Billenium by J. Ballard

Task 1 With close reference to the text of the short story Billenium explore the following questions in detail. Remember to include quotations and page numbers for the quotations in your answers Write a detailed synopsis of the story. Discuss … Continue reading

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Shirley Geok-Lin Lim

In class with your teacher, you are going to read a story callesd “Journey” written by  Shirley Geok-Lin Lim. Here a short biography. Born in Malacca, Malaysia, Shirley Geok-Lin Lim was raised by her Chinese father and attended missionary schools. … Continue reading

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Games at Twilight: setting and vocabulary

When reading the story, we worked on setting and useful words and phrases to show tension and suffocation. The story: Games at Twilight Think about a really hot day here, in BA city. Describe the situation (use vocabulary from the … Continue reading

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Games at Twilight

Reading the story deeply! Twilight: What does it mean in Literature? Internal conflict vs External conflict The conflict in a short story is a struggle between two forces. In an external conflict, a character struggles against an outside force, such … Continue reading

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The Yellow Wall Paper

This week, the activity is quite short. Read instructions carefully and get down to work! Due Date: April 10  

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Anita Desai and her “Games at Twilight”

Let´s get to know the writer of the story we are going to start our school year with. I really believe you´ll love reading “Games at Twilight” and that the story will make you think and reflect a lot. With … Continue reading

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Blandings castle

Blandings Castle is a recurring fictional location in the stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being the seat of Lord Emsworth (Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth), home to many of his family, and setting for numerous tales and adventures, written between 1915 and … Continue reading

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The Destructors

Do you agree with this analysis? Read carefully and leave a comment. Account for your answer.   Analysis of the Destructors by Graham Greene Joe Power, Yahoo! Contributor Network May 28, 2011 Share your voice on Yahoo! When first reading “The … Continue reading

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The Moving FInger: essay by Diochi

The Moving Finger – Essay Writing The story ‘The Moving Finger’ deals with a powerful theme which is the treatment of women as objects. Do you agree? Through the story ‘The Moving Finger’ Edith Wharton intended to make readers know … Continue reading

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