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Project: Art as a form of creation

War Poetry Task 1: The following questions are just a guide for you to prepare a presentations on war poetry. What is war poetry? Name some war poets and famous poems. How are soldiers typically portrayed?  Is there a common … Continue reading

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In groups, you discussed, debated and expressed your opinions on different matters related to school life and personal life. Great work!!! Now, each of you has a question! Here we have a space to put ideas and thoughts into writing!

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All Across Argentina…by Vicky and Juan

After reading an extract from AUTUMN by Ali Smith, students got inspired and by using the anaphora “All across Argentina”, they prepared this wonderful presentation. All across argentina… from Pato_Ch

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Catu found out the single story about….

After watching, reflecting, talking, debating on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and her speech on “The danger of a single story”, Catu Grosso did some research on “hippies” There are always two sides of one story but to know both of them is necessary … Continue reading

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