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Games at Twilight

Kiddies As part of the syllabus for Language and Literature AS, we are supposed to read Games at Twilight but we have already read it for IGCSE so here some analysis and a review for you. Analysis of “Games at twilight”- … Continue reading

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Poetry analysis

After preparing an analysis on certain poems in groups, you are going to write an essay based on a poem another group dealt with. Group 1 Death from Pato_Ch Group 2 Requiem- by l stevenson from Pato_Ch Group 3 From … Continue reading

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Review on Poetry

Tiger in the Menagerie: Check this mind-map Answer the question that follows: The poem is basically about the power of nature.It shows how powerful the tiger is in comparison with the other helpless animals in the menagerie. Do you agree? She … Continue reading

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A View From the Bridge

We are reading this play in class and today we are going to do some review on important topics. Get in pairs and start a post in your blog including the following: Cast of Characters Alfieri – lawyer Eddie – … Continue reading

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My Son the Fanatic

After reading the story, watch the film adaptation , and write a review of the film comparing it to the original story. My Son the Fanatic

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