The Yellow Wall Paper

Ceci told me you are reading and analysing this wonderful story.

We believe it would be a good idea to use paragraphs from another story “The Mark on the Wall” (Virginia Woolf) to compare and contrast ideas, feelings, thoughts, and so on.

Read this paragraph and compare it to the moment the woman saw the wallpaper.

“… it must have been the winter time, and we had just finished our tea, for I remember that I was smoking a cigarette when I looked up and saw the mark on the wall for the first time. I looked up through the smoke of my cigarette and my eye lodged for a moment upon the burning coals, and that old fancy of the crimson flag flapping from the castle tower came into my mind, and I thought of the cavalcade of red knights riding up the side of the black rock. Rather to my relief the sight of the mark interrupted the fancy, for it is an old fancy, an automatic fancy, made as a child perhaps. The mark was a small round mark, black upon the white wall, about six or seven inches above the mantelpiece.”

Read this paragraph and go back to your story, what does the woman believe the wallpaer is?

“How readily our thoughts swarm upon a new object, lifting it a little way, as ants carry a blade of straw so feverishly, and then leave it…. If that mark was made by a nail, it can’t have been for a picture, it must have been for a miniature—the miniature of a lady with white powdered curls, powder-dusted cheeks, and lips like red carnations.”

Read this paragraph and think about “control”. Is the woman in control of her own life?

“But as for that mark, I’m not sure about it; I don’t believe it was made by a nail after all; it’s too big, too round, for that. I might get up, but if I got up and looked at it, ten to one I shouldn’t be able to say for certain; because once a thing’s done, no one ever knows how it happened. Oh! dear me, the mystery of life; The inaccuracy of thought! The ignorance of humanity! To show how very little control of our possessions we have…”

-Take notes of all the descriptions of the yellow wall paper in the story to discuss in class with Ceci.

-The narrator is not just a prison of this room; she is a prison of her marriage. Do you agree? I know Joaco talked about the relationship husband-wife in class and said that John loved her but he loved her in a wrong way. (Is it ok Joaco?). Think about this for Monday to discuss with your partners and teacher. It is very interesting.


Enjoy this story!!

See you soon

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