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Guidelines for Commenting

When posting a comment on our blog, please follow these guidelines.  Use your first name only! Commenters may not include any identifying information, such as your last name and where you live. All comments are moderated and must be approved before … Continue reading

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Welcome Senior 5!!

Hi everyone! I´m so happy to be with you one more year…. but unfortunately the last one. So many yeras together… I´ll miss you so much! But…we have lots of things to do and this year we´ll be studying Language … Continue reading

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Welcome Senior 4!!

Hi everyone!! I´m so happy all of you have passed the IGCSE examination!!! Let´s get motivated to start working towards AS Language and Literature! Don´t panic! We´ll be working together, you, Ceci and me. This year, I will be your … Continue reading

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Welcome Senior 3!!!

Hello everyone! How are you getting ready for the IGCSE examination???? This year, we´ll be together studying Literature 2 periods a week and we are going to work really hard. Don´t panic! We are together in this and everybody will rock at … Continue reading

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Welcome back Senior 2 !!!

Hello everyone! Although we know each other, we didn´t work together last year and I really missed you!! This year, we´ll be together studying Literature 3 periods a week and we are nearer the IGCSE examination. Therefore, I´ll be guiding … Continue reading

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Welcome Senior 1

Hey everyone!! I´m so glad to be working, learning, discovering, enjoying so many new things with you all! We have a long but short way to go towards the IGCSE Literature examination and we´ll be reading so many interesting texts: … Continue reading

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