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Your impression on Queen Elizabeth’s poem

Dear Majo and Fede, as we agreed on last class, below comment on what you understand when reading “when I was Fair and Young”. For that, ask your mates for notes. If you need any help, let me know. Best, … Continue reading

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Typical themes in Renaissance poetry

Below, list the different themes covered by the three Renaissance poems studied this far.

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Setting and characterisation in Desai’s “Games at Twilight”

Games at Twilight I Games at Twilight II After having read the short story and analysed how characters and setting are constructed, take a look at the videos above. How successfully have they captured Desai’s characters? What about the setting? … Continue reading

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Figures of speech in Queen Elizabeth’s poem

Re-read “When I was fair and young” and: -identify figures of speech used in each stanza; -analyse their effect on the meaning of the poem.

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When I was Fair and Young… and powerful!

Follow the link and read its article ARTICLE In your first approach to the article, you should: – Think of how the text is related to Queen Elizabeth’s poems – Jot down the main ideas of the text. Hope to … Continue reading

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